Monday, June 4, 2012

Red Jezebel... Front Façade REVEAL!

I know that I have been teasing for a while now with a promised  Front Façade  reveal.

So without further ado... here is our beautiful house from the front!

Cladding - Dulux Hiefer
Light Render -  Dulux Champignon
Dark Render - Dulux Raku
Gutters, Fascia, Downpipes and Garage Door - Colourbond Monument
Bricks - Selkirk Tawny Heritage
Windows and Sliding Doors - 
Southern Star Satin Black Aluminium

We really love the garage door <3

The must anticipated RED DOOR!
The Oblong Pull Handle is still to go on.
(Colour - Dulux Red Box)

The internals of the Master Balcony.
Colour of Matrix board is still Dulux Hiefer.
Tiles are 400 x 400 outdoor tiles in Charcoal from Beaumont Tiles (Standard Metricon Silver Range)

There is still quite a lot to be done. Nearly every trade has something to come back and do. We (and our SS) are hopeful that he and our CMs inspections will be completed in the next fortnight.

Keep you posted :)



  1. The facade is lovely, guys. And the red door is an awesome pop of colour! What are you doing for your porch floor?

    Bring on the next two weeks with lots of inspections!


    1. Hi M, We love it too! We are thinking of exposed ag driveway and path around the front of the house (with rendered retaining wall) and then a step up to a dark stained timber deck. Cant wait!

  2. Hi Kirsten,

    That's really nice.
    Are you to share the inspector details that you used please.

    Also, do you inspect all stages or specific ones only?



    1. Hi Eric, We used Rob Simpson at Building Check.

      Couldn't recommend him highly enough if you are in Melbourne.

      We got a frame inspection, pre tiling (waterproofing and the most important!) inspection and plan on getting one at PCI.

      They are about $400-500 each time but well worth the money in our opinion.

      Hope this is helpful Eric. Good luck!
      ps do you have a blog we can follow?

    2. Thank you Kirsten.

      We don't have a blog. We are about to commence building with Metricon.

      We are building Nolan 50 with Nuvo facade.
      Myself and my wife saw your facade and we really love it, really nice color choice.

    3. We love the Nuvo facade, it seems to be a bit rarer than the other facades. Perhaps becuase it comes with a hefty price tag? Good luck and let us know if we can help you with anything else. I'm thinking about setting up a blog email address so people can contact us with queries etc that are more private and not for the general public to see. Kirst

  3. Love your colours! We have selected the same render colour raku and it looks like we have chosen the same garage! Great taste! ;)

  4. Gosh I LOVE IT ALL! We have chosen similar colours for our facade and I too would have loved a red front door but we went for an orangey-red feature brick pillar instead. Your house looks awesome, did I mention I love it?!

    1. Gosh Em, thanks! The red door was a last ditch effort to add a bit of pizzazz to the front and given it is setback a bit, the door isnt obstrusive at all and I heart it sooo much! Looking forward to seeing yours all come together!

  5. oooohhhh aahhhh Looks fantastic guys!! I really like the way you have used the colours! I am usually not a fan of red doors but I really like yours with the house, it doesn't over shadow the rest of the facade and still provides an interesting focal point. Well chosen!! You must be getting close now!

    1. Thanks Mel, i agreed that the door is quite a subtle addition of colour and will go well with the landscaping we have planned. Think gardenia, magnolia, bay etc with green foliage and whote flowers! LOVE...


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