Thursday, June 21, 2012

Get a handle on things!

There has been a flurry of activity this week at our place. All of the floorboards have been ripped up and you can see the offending water patch in the photos below. Luckily there does not appear to be any damage to the kitchen cabinetry or anywhere else. 

All of the old boards in the rubbish...

Unfortunately as i drove past the other day i noticed that we finally have the front door handle and lock. The lock is great but the handle is the wrong one and the attachment points on the new one are further apart than this one so the door will have to be patched or replaced entirely. 

Cant believe our luck. I mean, how hard is it to order the correct door handle and then even check before putting it on. This 'wrong' handle has been on order for a few weeks too.

Not what we chose, or even close to it to be honest!

This is what it should look like!

On a positive note, the ensuite bath hob has finally been fixed and the bath now fits. You may also remember that the bath tap did not reach the bath previously. This has now been rectified. Hooray. 

Lovely big bath... cant wait to get in and have a soak in it!

The house is literally covered in dots put there by our SS and CM. Mostly they are painting flaws to fix up. Apart from the bamboo floors, render on the outside, the soft close toilets and a few other bits and pieces there's not much else to do.

Here's hoping for some quick work...and no more problems!



  1. Wow. Thats really was a seriously large water "issue" wasn't it??

    This close to the end stage is the absolute worst, I feel for you guys and I hope they fix the remaining issues quickly. I often marvelled during our build at the silly mistakes made by someone just not checking the paperwork!

  2. That's quite a lot of water! Surely it must have been an accident given they haven't saturated the floor in other areas. How long will the slab take to dry? Pleased to see they lifted the entire floor rather than just where the floorboards showed damage. It will at least get repaired properly.

    Frustrating about the wrong door handle. Not least for your painters who'll have to redo that or another door.

    Hope there's no other delays to come - you've already had your fair share of defects!

  3. Hey guys
    Did M clean your bricks after the floors went down by some chance? Your slab looks like mine did when they were using the high pressure hose to clean my bricks. I was there the day they were doing it and saw my slab was saturated in parts. I took photos in case I needed to refer to them later! It looks to me like you may have some leaks if the high pressure hose theory is not possible. I would get M to check before you put new flooring in as this does not look like something the cleaners might have done. Had you had alot of rain? Apart from the few things that need fixing its looking great! Love love love the red door! Just can't believe M could get so many things wrong. They have only made one error so far with me. Thank goodness. But it was a big one! Wrong cabinets in kitchen and bathroom. So frustrating. But luckily they rectify these things without question. Just annoying that they can be so incompetent at times. Curious to know what their explanation is on the water issue!

  4. I read the comments in your last post about how it all happened. When I originally saw the photos I thought... Oh no, the roof has leaked and water has come down the timber structures to leave the bottom level floor wet. I hope for your sake, that is not the case. It least you are not paying for the stuff up, I'm sure a large company like Metricon, will make whoever is responsible, pay. Even if it means not using that contractor again.


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