Thursday, April 12, 2012

Put 'em in the LOCK-UP!

We finally received our lock-up invoice yesterday. We thought that the accounts department at M had forgotten (LOL...) but we were never going to say anything...the money's better in our pocket than theirs.

So as you can see there's lots getting done. We have almost finished Fixing stage too so I guess that invoice will be here soon too.

I have just spoken with our SS. The plumbers have finally been back to fix the waste on the powder room toilet, hopefully it is right! 

Chippies have fixed the balcony and attached all of the internal door furniture. I'll swing by later to see if the entry cladding is done.

GOOD NEWS on the waterproofing front. M gave absolutely NO objection to our Inspector telling them that ALL of the floor upstairs needs to be waterproofed to meet building code! I wonder what that means for all of the other double storey homes around that have only been waterproofed partially and aren't up to building code? Water-proofers will be back in tomorrow and Monday to finish the job!

Following that, the tiler starts and we are going to meet with him prior to beginning to make sure we are all on the same page.

We are quite happy with the progress but as the title suggests, we have been locked out of our place (and I have a sick 4 year old today) so i don't have any photos. Awwwww.... maybe this weekend?


PS - I haven't forgotten about the little surprise or the Red Door Reveal! They're coming soon... I promise!


  1. Cam/Kirsten
    The graphs shown in your post on the building stages. Is this something you have puttogether or did you get this from M?

    1. Hi Jo, the graphs come from My Metricon. Youll need to ask your CSC for your specific login details. It's pretty cool!


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