Sunday, April 8, 2012

Painting = TICK...

So impressed! 
Workmanship is quality too :)

The colours are..
 Ceiling, skirts and architraves - Dulux Lexicon White
Walls - Beige Royal Quarter
Feature Walls (sitting, main) - Dulux Raku and Dulux Champignon

Study looking fabulous!

The colour isn't as dark as it appears in the above.  I'm not totally sold on this yet. We kinda stuffed up the selection on this wall. We thought initially that the Jetmaster would be on a small wall jutting out and that only that part would be painted. Not so and before we realised and got to let the painters know to stop at the stairs, they'd already done it.

I think it will improve with charcoal coloured carpet and certainly with some lovely sheer curtains!
Closer inspection of the stairwell. There will be charcoal carpet up the stairs.
Lovely kitchen!


Top of the stairs. We love the natural timber with clear finish for the handrail and top of wall. It looks sensational!
Lachie's bedroom

Master Bedroom Feature Wall Number One - Dulux Raku (only one coat on here so a bit patchy but I've seen it since the second coat and it rocks!)

Master bedroom feature wall number two - Dulux Champignon

The same feature wall number two from the other angle.

Next Week
Things are most certainly moving. This week the following is planned!
  • Chippies back to finish balcony, front entry, eaves to outdoor room, door handles etc.
  • Plasterers back to plaster garage roof and fix offending stairwell joint (see previous post HERE...)
  • Electrician to fit-off lights, power points and switches.
  • Waterproofer to return to complete the job (see below...)
Then all going according to plan... (huhhmmm) the following week the tiler is booked to begin!  Problems are the waterproofing needs to be finished and the plumber has to be back to resolve Powder room toilet waste pipe issue that has been lingering for 5+ months. So my best guess is that tiling will be delayed.

Independent Inspection
We had a meeting last Thursday with our SS and our Independent Building Inspector. Our SS was happy to have the Inspector there and lets face it, he doesn't really have a choice.  That said, Cam was present for all their discussions and found it was quite productive and flowed very well.  The major point to come from the meeting was all about WATERPROOFING!!!  This confirmed Cam's initial thoughts.

ALL bathrooms on the second floor need to have the WHOLE floor waterproofed as per the building code (see our previous post on waterproofing HERE...) UNLESS the building contract specifically notes that waterproofing is to be done via an alternative method - effectively overriding the code. 

We have looked... our standard Metricon contract doesn't mention waterproofing and therefore the building code stands. RESULT = Metricon will now need to waterproof the whole floor in the bathroom and ensuite instead of just the shower and bath! This revelation will probably hold up the tilers so lets see what happens there...

Our inspector came up with a few other smaller items that he will note within his report with his recommendations - mostly 'nice to have' rather than a construction/finish issues.

Future Reveal
The front door has also been painted a beautiful bright gloss red (Dulux Red Box) but I want to wait until the balcony etc has been finished before the big reveal! I can however say, that given it was one of the choices that I was most nervous about...I am absolutely in love with the front door!!! It looks amazing :)


ps.we went shopping today and are on the verge of a BIG purchase... details later in the week when all is confirmed :)


  1. Great story telling :-) I love the cliff hangings making we wait until next release to see all revealed.

    Looking good, love the sound of the door, and master looks nice, wasn't sure about the dark wall downstairs at 1st but agree be different once all done.

    1. Hi Troy (I'm assuming its you cousin Troy?), I'm glad I have you intrigued! I think Im coming around to the dark wall. Will have to see it once everything else is finished :)

  2. The paint colours look great. I can see your concerns about the feature wall around the fireplace/stairwell, but I think it looks great. Imagine some art work on either side of the window on the stairwell and, voila, it will look amazing!

    Looking forward to hearing about the purchase, and seeing the red front door!!!


    1. Thanks M, it seems that everyone is quite positive about the dark wall. I think it will grow on me when it is more my own space rather than the construction zone. Art is key. Cam & I are off to the Art Melbourne exhibition in a month or so... Cant wait to get some nice pieces to fill the blank walls.

  3. Yay it's all moving in the right direction! and quickly :-) Great news about your waterproofing, I think ours should hopefully be done in the next 4 weeks or so, thanks for the heads up! I will make sure our whole bathroom is done! I don't mind the dark wall at all, a light coloured art work would really brighten it up and stand out as a feature above the fireplace, and like you said the sheers will also change the look a lot. Look forward to finding out what the BIG purchase is.

    1. Hi Mel, thanks for the feedback. I think something over the fireplace is going to be a winner too! I was thinking even a groovy mirror. Stay tuned for news on the big purchase!

  4. Looking great guys...! Amazed that the painters were done in less than a week, looks fab! You need to send them our way :)

    Wondering what your big purchase is...?!

    1. Hi Leanne and Rups, Ive got my fingers crossed for your painters to start this week (well anything happening this week would be good, wouldnt it?)... Stay tuned :)

  5. Kirsten, this post made me smile - your excitement level is very evident! :) And well justified too. The painting looks great. I LOVE the Racu feature wall around the fireplace and stairs and agree that some white sheer curtains will look fantastic. The contrast of the white skirtings and architraves looks amazing. My Mum painted her spare bedroom in a really dark navy a few years ago and I was skeptical until I saw it. Now it's my favourite room in her house and love staying in that room when I go to visit.

    I too can't wait to see the red door...and hear what the new purchase is!

    1. Hi Nat, Im soooo excited. Its wonderful fun looking for new furniture etc and being closer to the end than the start :)

      I think you are going to love my new purchase! From the look of your furnishing ideas and mood boards, its right up your alley...

  6. I absolutely LOVE the feature walls. The bedroom one is amazing, the colour is just perfect. Very exciting, must be so good to be at the point where all of the hard work and preparation is paying off and starting to come together.

  7. Point 3 in this article reminded me of your fireplace :)

    1. Thanks for that Nat. I loved that pic! Ive warmed to the sitting room colour (pardon the pun). I love that painting in the picture. Im even thinking of changing the styling ideas for that room to make it a bit more modern but still cosy based on how much I loved that picture!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks B. The walk behind robes was a must for me! We eliminated other builders and other metricon designs based on whether or not the master layout was what we wanted! Lol...

      Ps.. buy the $118 vases whilst you have no kids!!!!


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