Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Slow going......

Progress on our build has slow dramatically over the past few weeks.  A small number of jobs here and there and that's about all.  What is getting done is as our SS has said – it’s just minor work.  Is it better than setting our expectations at an unrealistic level?? Probably...

I get the feeling our SS is doing his best.  Does that reflect the fact he has transferred in from the southern region to central in January and he hasn't built up the required rapport with the trades yet, issues with his scheduling or is it just M in general??

Our site meeting last week didn't resolve the three key issues - the insulation query, the gas meter location and the powder room sewer point.  All these items had been raised over two months ago now.  Very frustrating. We have now been told that plastering has been pushed back another week whilst the insulation issue is fixed. Its not like they haven't had enough time to get this fixed before now! I hope they dont try and pin this hold up on us...

Anyway, when you want something done, best to do it yourself.  Well, we are now aware of why the gas meter issue hasn't been resolved.  The excuse for the past month from M is the need to clarify the requirements for the location with Jemena.  By absolute fluke last Saturday night we found out that Kirst's friend's husband works at Jemena in the exact division which looks after new gas installations.... we found out that our site is not even within the Jemena system as a new install.  Not really surprising M is still waiting for a solution from Jemena.  M - you need to contact someone at Jemena, record the gas install requirement, tell them your query and they will probably action something for you..

Anyway, via our contact at Jemena – who signs off on the installs – we have our answers.  After mentioning this briefly to our SS I was basically told to 'stay out of it' and that he will resolve the issue once scaffold is down. Which really means it will happen in a another month, probably more…

Good to finish on a positive note – our tapware has now been fixed (3rd try) and the plaster can now commence this week.

Til next time


  1. Wow guys, the wait must be killing you. Yay for plaster this week! Can't wait to see the pics. They don't seem to order the gas meter till the final fit off, so it may be an outstanding issue for a while yet...hope it gets resolved and they don't just install it in the current indicated location. Will keep my fingers crossed for you! :(

  2. Gosh Guys! I am cringing reading the above! I totally empathise with you though. I have been running around doing Metricon's job for them for the past couple of weeks. It seems Metricon's philosophy is to just wait for things to just fall in their lap. There is no follow through or following up on ANYTHING! I never thought I would have to micro manage this building project as much as I have. And I haven't even starting building the house yet! I am so scared that this nightmare is only going to get much worse. I really hope you sort out your issues so you can move forward. If only these guys took into consideration the amount of stress, anxiety and frustration they cause when they dont do their job properly. I really hope there is a customer satisfaction survey at the end of all this, because I will really let them have it! Good luck... look forward to hopefully hearing some good news next time you post. P.S. What is the name of your SS if you are happy to reveal that info?

  3. By the way, re. your comment from your Site Supervisor to stay out of it! I would ignore that threat and do everything you can in your power to help get issues or problems rectified so you can move your project along. To me that is totally unacceptable. If I hadnt of 'gotten involved' and make some phone calls to the Developer, Yarra Valley Water, Council, Hume Doors (just to mention a couple) I would probably still be waiting on Metricon to do this for me... and in my experience i doubt I would be as far along as I am today! (not that thats very far). So dont be intimidated by this guy, and where possible, go around him and M. I have had to do that I have no regrets.

  4. Gas meter location pipework is where the plumber puts its as it is not marked on a plan. He must sign of on his pliumbing certificate . The gas meter itself is not done till right at the end of the job when stuff is commisioned. Location of the meter is the plumbers responsibility as it must be a certain distance from an openimg window or a door. keep pushing your luck with your site supervisor and you will be locked out of your job . I know cause I am a site supervisor from a small vic building company. We have had to resort to this before and even took the client to VCAT in the end and we won the case. If you are such a know all why didn't you just build the house yourself. Afraid to say it but you get what you pay for with Metricon. This is commonly known in building circles accross the state and we all laugh about it. And for you Jo , damn girl you would be hard work as a client.

  5. Thanks Anonymous for your input :)

    We are happy for you to read along with our blog, but please in future if you wish to comment have the decency to put your name to it.


  6. Ah the anon Site Super strikes again! Why does he rile himself up reading build blogs? Not very professional bagging the competition when he's never worked for them or been a client. Sigh...


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