Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Plan to be Plastered......

Well most of the work our SS said would be done last week was actually done.  I think he is a little bit of an optimistic or maybe i'm a little pessimistic about what will get done when.  Either way, he appears to be getting things done and so far so good re communication ( excluding the text message to cancel a site meeting but its been less than 4 weeks that he has been on the job so you would hope so...)

Last week the painter were in painting the upstairs externals while the scaffold is still in place.  Very happy with our choice of colours.  We'll save the pic's til when the scaffolding is down so you all can get a better feel for how it will look.
What wasn't done was our site visit with our SS due to him being ill, a complete brick clean and the plaster being delivered.

Well as its only a 2 minute detour from my usual drive home, I drove pass to see if there was any visible change.  Nothing from the street but I did notice the front gate was again open.  Thought I'd close it up (again), but as I was out of the car lets have a look through the window.  Then I notice the front door wasn't secure (again) so I popped in to see what had been delivered during the day.
Plaster , Plaster and more Plaster......  Massive sheets.  Not sure how such massive sheets can be handled without them breaking in half - but that's probably why I'm not a plasterer.  Two of the five huge piles of them below.

Plaster sheets in downstairs dining area...

Plaster sheets in upstairs sitting area....

Very happy to see the plaster on-site.  Must mean its not far away from the plasterers starting but first a few things need to be finalised namely,

  • the insulation - that's an ongoing discussion with M as the wrap was poor quality and our independent building inspector has recommended the insulation needs to be upgraded to conpensate its poor quality,
  • the gas meter has to be moved from the front of the house to the side next to the switch board - this has also been an ongoing discussion point which M has put off and off.  This needs to be moved prior to plastering can start as the brick work has been finished and access it only internally, and 
  • the powder room sewer points needs to be aligned.  Current quite some distance off alignment.  Not sure if that impacts plastering but best to get it sorted first one would have thought.
We have a site visit this Wednesday - all being well (pun intended) so lets see what happens.


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