Friday, January 27, 2012

Back in full swing.....

Well we are back in full swing post the Christmas break.

True to our new SS (AT) word, last week saw scaffolding set up and the wrap in place on the second storey.  Hope they come back and pick up the parts not used that are all over the nature strip.  The neighbours have been quite accommodating to date but don't want to push our luck.

This week the brickies were back bricking up the second storey.  They have been waiting for the scaffolding for a few weeks and were starting to get a bit snakey regarding the delays.  Dropped by yesterday (Australia Day) to have a quick look around etc - as you do - and they were hard at it on a public holiday...  That slab of crownies at Christmas was a great investment.  Anyway a quick chat with the guys and they have 2 days of work left. 

From what I understanding we have the scaffolding for up to 3 weeks where all upstairs cladding will be done together with eaves by the chippies.  The roofing guys and plumbers will be back to finish the last few things re the roof, gutters etc.  I imagine while the scaffolding is up, the solar panel will also be installed and the upstairs painting will be done. - safe assumption...???  Keen to get those things done and the scaffolding back down for a really good look at our new home in lock up stage and then we can get a true feel for what it will look like in our colour selections etc.

Just a quick update re our blog on 28 December last year titled 'sitting on our blogging hands' where we detailed a few items M needed to address.  Well the update is quite a quick one.... In essence our "acting SS" (who is also our CM) didn't do a damn thing.  I suspect he has hand balled it to our new and true SS to resolve.  He has taken them in hand and where required is checking things against the building regulations - wow... our 'acting SS' never mentioned building regulations - I wont assume he knows they exist.  So much for if you don't have anything nice to say approach.

Anyway, this is to be carried forward and resolved shortly with any luck.  At my catch up with our new SS, I mentioned I'd email him the answers to a few Q's he had for me regarding position of external lights etc.  Email is great for these type of things, get it in writing.  While I was at it, I included the key outstanding points he needs to address, politely worded, and attached a copy of our independent building inspectors report for his reference. Just in case it wasn't passed on to him, of course.  Watch this space.


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