Monday, December 23, 2013

Now that's a cubby.....

Well, we are 12 months in and with summer around the corner we thought it was time we got cracking and organised something special - cubby / fort style.

They say a picture says a thousand words so here we go,

The 'no-fort' pic's

The 'with-fort' pic's

Awesome fort that the boys just love.  Build complete with ground level sand pit and upper level fort with a side platform to support the 3m slide.  We decided to fill in the back wall and insert a blackboard for the boys to be creative. Its been up for two months now and the boys have spent hours in / on / under / around / up and down it already.  The flag was just a boys thing !!  Years of fun to come.

The fort came as a 'flat pack' type of thing from DFR Cubbys in Pakenham.  A small family business run by honest hardworking couple and they make to order.  No wonder Nic has orders all other the country (which he delivers and will construct for you personally if needed).  We try not to plug too much but well worth checking out if in the market for something special for the kids -

Until next time.