Sunday, February 3, 2013

The green, green grass of home...

One of three pallets of turf.
The variety is a soft leaf buffalo called Palmetto. We got the turf from a company called Advance Turf.

Final preparations to the soil base

Big thanks to our turf helpers, brother Cam and mate Travis (above)

Finishing off the back

Watering it in...
Putting the finishing touches of sand on.

How lush is this???

The special helper Hamish in his new


  1. Ahh, grass! No more building site! Looks great and I bet the boys love it.

    1. Its so great Nat! The boys love running around outside on it! We had a party for Hamish over the weekend and it stood up to multiple kids running around on it too :)

      Hows everything coming along at your place?

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