Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lounge Room REVEAL

Our gorgeous King Furniture Modular Lounge and ottoman.

 TV unit from Nick Scali

Bally poster from Etsy Shop (that I will not recommend... its a long story).
Yellow bamboo vase from Freedom.

Yellow side table from Freedom

Matching cushions in Dandelion Clocks from Etsy shop Charles and Oliver in UK.
Yellow square and grey round cushions from Sheridan.
Yellow pashmina throw purchased in Florence on our honeymoon nearly 6 years ago! Cant believe the colour is back in vogue!

I'm still missing a few things like a lamp and a rug... All in good time and when the budget allows of course!



  1. What an amazing job you've done! Love the cushions and the lounge in particular <3


  2. Wow, oh wow! Isn't your house looking oh-so gorgeous? I'm loving your house more and more as you reveal each part. All the photos you've shared with us are eye candies. Your lounge room is spacious, and even though there are still pieces that need to be completed, the matching of colors and textures is a great start. I really wish you could get everything done, so we can finally see everything. Please update us soon! Alejandra Hutchcraft

  3. Kirsten, loving your house. Do you mind if I ask you for more details on your timber flooring? Is it solid or engineered - looks stunning!


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