Friday, February 8, 2013

Deck the Halls...?

This post was scheduled to be completed prior to Christmas, hence the gratuitous Christmas reference in the title. But alas, life gets in the way and Cam only finished oiling the deck in early January.

Here tis'

Stumps and beams

Our nephew Patrick inspecting the stumps!

All ready for boards

Our friend Clinton, the talented chippy who together with his chippy brother Anthony built our deck.

The finished product, all oiled.
The timber is beautiful spotted gum from our local timber yard, Tait Timber and Hardware in Tooronga.

Our gorgeous front portico!

The deck was built using concealed screws called camo that are screwed in using a guide tool into the sides of each board and therefore are not visible on the boards themselves.

The edges are all picture edges to give a more polished finish.

There's some serious love here for our finished deck. It really softens the front landscaping and I am so happy that we used it!

Kirst and Cam!


  1. Love it! I'm a massive timber fan and completely agree that it softens the hardness of bricks and concrete :)

    You've done a beautiful job.


    1. Hey Ash, thanka for the kind words. The deck was Cam's baby and he with his mate did and awesome job!

  2. Oh wow!!! Looks amazing!!!

    How frequently will it need to be oiled? Also, do leaves get stuck in between the boards? We are thinking of decking our alfresco but there is already a slab underneath...

    1. Hi B, we are loving it so far. I guess how often it will need to be oiled may depend on how exposed it gets to the elements. I guess it shouldnt need to be oiled for another year or so and it was really easy to do. we get a few leaves but nothing major...

  3. Hello,

    We've been following your blog alot. What a amzing house you have finished! We're building a Whittaker, hope we can get the end result as good as yours. Just a quick question: How's the drive way and landscapping going after a few months?

    Our blog:

  4. Your new deck looks stunning! This is what you get when you let talented and knowledgeable people take over the construction. Also, the whole structure looks seamless thanks to the concealed screws. You have a lovely house, Kirst! Congratulations! Angelina Garcia

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  6. Hi there

    Can you please refer details of demolisher very happy with the work they did on your site.

    House looks beautiful, our journey just about to start.


    1. Hi Jocelyn, our demolisher was Jim from Brechlen Demolition. We were really happy with them and we know a number of other people/bloggers and other friends. He is based in Carnegie but works most of Melbourne. His name is Jim Jones, Brechlen Pty Ltd, 0418 347 035.

      Make sure to get an asbestos clearance certificate including in your agreement whichever demolisher you choose as it isnt always included.

    2. Thanks so much for the referral. I will definitely get in touch with them. I read that you guys were able to sell off some items within the house prior to demolition I.e. flooring etc. Who can I get in touch with to get an idea on what is salvageable at our place.

      P.S. I have just come across your blog and have read from beginning to current. You have both done a terrific job in sharing your journey and experience. Your home is absolutely stunning!

  7. Awesome photo of the deck. Actually exactly what my tradie suggested and similar size. What did you pay (approx) If you don't mind me asking ? I was quoted with treated pine to keep the cost down around $4500. I am thinking that spending the extra 500-$1000 on merbau might be the best bet though

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