Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting us some,,, PART ONE!

After many days of soil carting. rolling, levelling, more carting, more rolling and more levelling we finally got some grass down in the back and front yards.We cut it fine in terms of getting it in before summer really hit.

We decided to go ahead and excavate/prepare the soil ourselves and lay the turf ourselves too. It was backbreaking work (so I'm told as I didn't actually do any labour other than provision or food and drinks!) but the results were well worth it both aesthetically and on the budget.

It was slow going for the first 15 mins, but once Cam got the hang of it, boy did that little Bobcat move quickly! Helpers for the day include our Turf Advisor aka my brother Cam who has experience with turf from working on a golf course in horticulture and Cam's Dad Hugh who is a jack of all trades.

One excited little boy watching the digger!!!

Our extra special helper was our nephew Brant who was staying with us for the weekend. He is only 15 but his muscle was much needed! And he loved it too!

Hang on a minute.... is that Spiderman driving the Bobcat?

All the excess soil was taken from the front around the back. In addition to this Cam and Cam (Cam squared he he he) moved another twelve cubic metres of topsoil into the backyard by bobcat and wheel barrow.

All filled, levelled and rolled!

The front yard all ready for turf!

Wait for the next post to see how it all turned out!

Kirst xxx

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  1. Great to see that Spiderman took a break from his busy schedule to help out with the landscaping! Very cute.

    Ah, grass what a luxury! Very jealous - even though you haven't yet posted the lovely green pics - I know it's there and I can almost smell it (I'm so deprived!).

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    Nat ;)


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