Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dining room REVEAL...duh duh duhhhhhhh

Its been a long time coming hasn't it? I finally decided that the dining area of our house is an ever changing beast and I would never be completed settled with how it looks. I change the centrepiece weekly and the number of chairs alters depending on our entertaining needs.

So anyway here is an assortment of photos from straight after we moved in, pre and post pendant lights, all set for Christmas lunch...

Enjoy the visual feast :)

The kitchen. I absolutely love the coloured stools and the bright pops of colour from my toast/kettle combination. They are KMIX by Kenwood, you've probably seen them in the shops. Orange is supposed to be a colour that promotes digestion... how appropriate for the kitchen/dining.

Lovely ranuncula centrepiece.

The view from the rumpus

Looking down whilst standing on the kids table. Have a look at our stunning dining table made of reclaimed timber from old Melbourne houses. It was custom made by Glory Days Furniture.  It measures 2.4m x 1.2m. You might remember we talked about this table HERE.

We love the chairs we got online. They are easy to clean and look great. They are a replica DSW Eames dining chair and are in gloss white with timber legs.

Cam's lovely Dad is a sparky and installed the pendant lights here. They are a 500mm drm pendant called "Yvette" from Beacon Lighting. I lurvvvvve them so much. They throw out great light even with the gold diffusers on the bottom.

Oh, and you can see we have blinds in this photo too...

Our table set for Chrismas Lunch

A simple setting using out Gordon Ramsay for Royal Doulton dinnerware and fabulous Royal Doulton cutlery set.

No Christmas is complete without the obligatory poinsetta (oh.. and obligatory Ikea high chair in the back!)

Until next time (hopefully we can finally reveal the finished product out the front of the house soon. 

I know its like waiting for the paint to dry... which is actually what we are waiting for before taking photos!!!!

Kirst xxx


  1. everything looks fantastic. You have a lovely home and plssssss post more pics of the house.

    1. Than Ynot! I promise more photos to come soon!

  2. i love looking at ur updates of the house, but i do feel like im reading something by prue and tru from kath and kim with all the name dropping.

    congrts on the house its a credit to both of you.

    1. I'm not sure if I'm offended or flattered by your comment.

      Regarding name dropping. The purposes of listing where some of the items come from is in case others like them and want to know what they are called. We are also using our blog to promote great businesses with whom we have had fantastic dealings and are happy to recommend.

      Hope you will continue to read :)

  3. Love it love it love it!! I have ordered the same bedroom sheers as you and now it looks like I'm going to copy your dining table and chairs!! We are building with Carlisle and are around 4 weeks from handover, can't wait. Your home looks fantastic you must be so proud, well done!! Sue

  4. I have table envy!! It is gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing whats what, I was about to ask where the table was from!

    I love what you've done, and look forward to seeing more reveals!!

  5. Love your house. Love your blog! The bamboo floor looks amazing. Does it feel hard underfoot, or soft like some floating floors? Do you think it will scratch easily? I've got studio M next week but can't decide on bamboo or hardwood floor. Many thanks. P.S - The dining table looks sensational!

    1. Hi Everard,

      We are really happy with the bamboo flooring although it is really important to note that it is super sensitive to any water getting on it. Does M do hardwood floors? When we were choosing we were told we could have tiles, bamboo, silkwood or laminate floating. They didnt do a full hardwood floor due to it being so difficult to keeps free of scratches and dints during the build process. It may be different now.

      There are pros and cons for every type of flooring. Good luck!

  6. Great. Bamboo sounds like an awesome choice. Hardwood is a self-install after the build is complete.


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