Tuesday, January 15, 2013

90 day Service Inspection

It's come around very quickly but our 90 day service inspection has arrived.

So, we met with Paul from M re the items we had listed and supplied to the office previously - plus one or two more we omitted by mistake.

Not an exhaustive list at all, with plumbing being the main focus. The stormwater at the front of our house has been problematic from day one and again doesn't flow. From crushed pipes, inclining 'run off' pipes to 90 degree joins secured by silicone rather than an elbow joint, the plumbing has been below par. If we do get any real rain it will flood our garage. Ideally, a pit is installed in that area to assist with future access but it will be interesting to see how they fix it......

Paul arrived at 7am, as agreed. We went through each and every item. He was a supervisor previously but now focuses on the service side of things. I suspect he would have been a great supervisor. He was very interested in hearing about our overall build experience and also gave us a tip here and there re ongoing maintenance. Very knowledgable, informative and a pleasure to deal with.

We agreed on all the items, signed it off and it was all done in around an hour and a half (incl. chat time).

As soon as suppliers trades are back from the break he is keen to get things done asap. All we need now is for the trades to play their part.

Until next post, which will be soon we promise!


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