Wednesday, November 21, 2012

REVEAL : Concreting Part Two

Driveway all prepped and ready for pouring

Ready for concrete

Cam watching as they put the finishing touches before the trucks arrived.

The concreting begins

Starting the driveway part with the storm water grate covered up. The pace at which these guys work once the concrete arrived was amazing!

This was a big hit with our boys... the MIXER truck!

From the street

It was an early start (6:30am on Saturday morning). But Lachie was so keen to see it all he was 'supervising' in his pjs and dressing gown.

All poured, levelled and waiting to be exposed.

Before exposure.

As per the previous post, we thoroughly recommend Rory at "The Concrete Firm"

Stay tuned for more photos with the final finished driveway, retaining walls and front facade reveal soon!

Kirst xx


  1. What will you be planting in the strip between the fence and driveway?


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