Tuesday, November 20, 2012

REVEAL : Concreting - Part One

It has been a while since our concreting was finished and it is time for a grand reveal...of the pathways anyway.

About 6 months ago I posted a topic on the HomeOne forum looking for a concreter in Melbourne to do an exposed aggregate driveway and pathways for our new house.

I was contacted by Rory from the Concrete Firm

Rory was a pleasure to work with. He was prompt with returning emails and phone calls and came out to give us a quote quickly. His quote was incredibly competitive but included higher strength steel reinforcement and better thickness of aggregate. He also uses Mentone Pre-mix who are the best in the business in terms of exposed aggregate colour selections.

When it came time to pour the paths and driveways, Rory and his team, Sylvain and Courtenay, worked tirelessly and with great attention to detail on getting the preparation right before the concrete was poured. They encountered problems along the way with drainage and plumbing done by the plumbers employed by Metricon but took it in their stride. Whilst at our home they were courteous and friendly with us and our children.

The result was fantastic! We absolutely love the driveway and paths that they did for us. They look sensational! 

We cannot recommend them highly enough. Please contact us if you require more information about The Concrete Firm. We would definitely use them again...

This is the path at the back of the house before it was exposed.

With so many 'workmen' around, there is always plenty for our boys to look at! Here Sylvaine was exposing the pathways.

What the back pathway looked like after exposure.

A closer look at our selection. Mentone PreMix "Montquartz" (I think that's what it was?)

Tomorrow... a look at our finished driveway : )


  1. Wow that looks great! How many SQM did you get done with the aggregate? We are in the process now trying to crunch the numbers, how much per sqm did they charge? Looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks :) it was about $100/m2 using an aggregate mix up to $380 per cubic metre. This was inclusive of preparation and sealing.

  2. I love the colour you chose guys - looks great. Bet the boys will love riding trikes/bikes up and down the path!

    1. The boys are nuts for it Nat! It is such a godsend to be rid of the mud and dirt, as I am sure you can empathise!


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