Monday, October 22, 2012

Master Bedroom/Ensuite Reveal...

I know it has been a long time between posts and before we handed over I told myself I was going to make sure I kept the blog up to date as we moved and settled into the new place.

But life gets in the way and things never seemed finished enough to post photos. BUT enough is enough and I decided to post anyway. I have drafted half a dozen to share over the next few weeks and this is the first...

Welcome to our large and luxurious master suite! Just the upholstered headboard, better bedside tables, and new lamps to go and its finished. 

Our lovely sheer curtains with block out behind. I absolutely love them!!!!!

The sheer fabric is Maurice Kain "Aston" in "Metallic" colour. Sue from Regent Window Furnishings was the most delightful lady to deal with. More on window furnishings in a later post.

White bedlinen is Vue (Myer).
European pillowcases are "Verity" from Sheridan.
Chartreuse throw is "Ripple" from Kas,
Chartreuse cushion is Morocco Mondrian by Rapee
Black cushion was bought off eBay for about $6 including postage.

The en suite in all its glory.

 Soap dispenser and cup Seattle Collection by Jayson Brundson for Myer

Just need to add something to the wall here and also some towel rails but otherwise I'm loving it sooo much!
Hope you enjoyed the piccies :)



  1. Very nice Kirst, love the ikat European pillows and the colour scheme. I know what you mean about things never feeling finished enough for photos!

    Enjoy seeing them as a sort of 'before and after'!


  2. Oh Kirst, I love it. So dark and moody! Like Nat, I absolutely love the Euro pillows.

    I have become one of those bloggers who stops once they move in. I'll have to get my act together and take some pics of things 'as they are', even if they're not perfect.

    You've done a great job!

  3. Everything looks fantastic!!!

    You've done an amazing job.


  4. love it..your doing a great job, i love the way you decorate your bedroom..i love also your bathroom its very fantastic and amazing..all of it are very well organize..

    frameless shower screens

  5. Hi,
    May i please ask about this bathroom (master's ensuite).
    What did you upgrade in it.
    1. basin upgraded?
    2. Benchtop standard laminate?
    3. 4 cupboards + 2 drawers standard?
    4. metal frame shower door standard?
    5. Tiles tiling I assume is standard?
    6. Inside the shower, the recess for u to put soap, shampoo bottle is upgrade?
    7. Basin tap upgraded?
    8. Shower head rail upgraded?

    Sorry about all these questions, but I am looking at building with Metricon and I am just overwhelmed with what to upgrade and what price I am going to get hit with. and if it is worth upgrading for.

    Thanks if u could give advices.

    1. HimJackson,

      The extras are definitely where they sting you for more money. We spent about an additional 50,000 on upgrades and still didn't get everything we wanted. You just need to prioritise what's nice to have and what you need to have...

      In answer to your questions.
      1. Basins are all upgrades, the standard is/was a square basin. Our basins cost an extra $80 each.
      2. The benchtop was an upgrade to Caesarstone category 2. $1639 including the 60mm apron on the front edge
      3. The cabinetry we have was all upgraded. It does depend on which design you have as all ensuites probably have slightly different cabinetry. We upgraded the cabinetry to vinyl gloss for $580 and the wall hung cabinetry with 4 cupboards and 2 drawers was $370. Handles were $40 extra for ensuite only.
      4. The door frame for the shower is standard semi frameless.
      5. Tiling in the ensuite was mostly standard except for the small wall between the shower and toilet cost an extra $200 for tiling labour only using standard tile range. The tiles themselves were all upgraded. The extra cost for upgraded tiles in ensuite, bathroom, powder room and laundry only was about $4000. We don't have tiles in the living area. Any tiles greater than 400x400 are an upgrade and we didn't think much of the standard range at all.
      6. Shower recess was an upgrade worth $308
      7. Basin taps were all standard range but you need to specify them as your choice.
      8. Shower head and rail were standard. Vito bertoni is the brand.

      We also upgraded our toilets for $500 each.

      Hope this is helpful. Really you need to add another 100,000 to your price to include site costs, upgrades and very basic hard landscaping. This will probably be more if you are knockdown rebuild. Also prices have probably gone up since we signed the contract in 2011.


    2. Thanks for thie info.
      Really helpful indication for the price of upgrade. Gives me an rough idea how much I should reserve for upgrades around the house.

      Will try to read through all your pages.

  6. WOW love it Kirst, did you use a blockout blind behind the sheer curtain?

  7. Hi Amelia, yes we used a plain off white block out behind and sheer fabric in futon on a double track. It is the best thing as we can have the curtain open and sheer closed for privacy as the master bedroom is at the front of the block

  8. You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!
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