Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cutting out the cleaning...

The day we moved into the house I spent the majority of the day protecting our brand new glass and tile surfaces with a product recommended to us to reduce cleaning time. 

Introducing Enduro Shield for glass or tiles. Once applied it lasts a lifetime :)

Tile and Grout shield
Cleaner, Enduroshield, gloves and lint free cloth

Enduro Shield for Glass. You use the cleaner with the steel wool (only use it wet or it will scratch) to clean the surface to start with. Our showers were obviously quite clean so it didn't take much time at all. Then you apply the Enduro Shield and rub it all over the glass until streak free with the lint free cloth. I guess this took a the longest (longer than applying the Enduro Shield on the tiles). Then you leave the shower to dry for 8 hours. All up the application took me 3 hours for the en suite and 2 for the main bathroom.

Grout sealer and the best invention ever! A bottle with a paintbrush on the end I found in Bunnings. Took a fraction of the time. All of the tiles surface have now been grout sealed to protect from dirt and scum. The sealer lasts for about 5 years.

I purchased the grout sealer, and both Enduro Shield packages from Beaumont Tiles. The Enduro Shield packages were $60 each and the grout sealer a bit cheaper. However, I am really impressed so far with how they have protected the glass, tiles and grout so far and cleaning has been minimal. So in my opinion, worth every cent.


Note: this was not a sponsored post. All products were paid for by myself and all opinion are my own.


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  2. Thanks Kirst! Think I might try some of that myself! The shower glass is already starting to be a pain to clean and requiring more elbow grease each time.

  3. How has Enduro Shield performed so far?



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