Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Waiting waiting waiting......

Dropped by our soon to be new home and noticed a few of the QA items appeared to have been at least started. While there, the SS arrived so I asked about our list of items we (both the SS and us) know need to be rectified pre handover. Many of the items have been with the SS for sometime to action, so heaven only knows why they are only being addressed now and why the original QA didn't pick then up. Anyway, that's another topic.

Due to the weather Melbourne has had recently our second QA wont occur this Friday. Waiting on the renderers to redo some of the front facade. So we have had to push our PCI ( with our independent inspector ) til next Friday. Hoping handover will be a few days after then...

On matters within our control, we have engaged a concreter and landscaper to crack into work as soon as we have handover although likely to start prior to that given the delays we have had. More about them later on. We are wanting the hardscape work done prior to moving in.

Hopefully something more productive to talk about next time.


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