Monday, August 27, 2012

Pergatory ? ?

All of you in bloggyland are probably wondering what's going with us and our new home at the moment.


4 days after PCI we were informed by our SS that there was no way we would have handover last Friday, despite the discussions we had with him at our inspection. Apparently a replacement door for the garage access was unavailable until Tuesday (tomorrow)! And in the last week not much has really happened as far as we can see.

We were told in no uncertain terms that we should not even expect to hear from our SS for another week and that his previous comments about definitely being given the keys by the end of the month no longer stood.  Unbelievable,  especially given we enquired about a realistic chance of handover within the month of August as we had to give notice on our rental - this was also made known to him.

At least SS has been true to one of his words and we have not heard hide nor hair from him for a whole week. This close to handover, to say we are devastated and frustrated is an understatement. 

It also appears our SS is dragging his feet purposely, having told Cam in a previous conversation that "he could make the process go as slow or as fast as he wants". We have flagged this unprofessional comment with our CSC who suggested that the best course of action was to speak with our CM. We have left him both email and voice messages and heard nothing. Another example of the poor communication that seems to be rife in this company (see previous post HERE). 

It has been 336 days since we first turned dirt. That's over 11 months and a far cry from the 8 months we were told by numerous SALES staff from Metricon.  

Tip to the new players: Don't believe the sales pitch or get the unrealistic build time written into your contract.

So we have given notice on our rental and need to be out by the first week of September. On top of this, Lachie (our 4 year old) is going to have his tonsils out in a weeks time. STRESSFUL... you betcha.

Watch this space. I hope to have some good news soon.



  1. Tell them you have their final payment ready, and then you will see how fast they can go. That's what happened to me, and they agreed to handover with conditions to fix the outstanding items after handover.

    From what I'm reading it seems like the SS has gone on holidays.

    1. Thanks Jay Jay. WE told our SS at PCI that we had the money ready to go as we are funding the build ourselves and dont need the bank to sign off on anything. Didnt seem to change anything :(

      Good news is that handover is booked for Monday... what a relief!

  2. How ridiculously frustrating! It drives me nuts that these guys don't realise that moving out of a rental isn't that easy.

    Good luck with the CM. It might be a case of having to ring every hour on the hour until he answers...


    1. Hi M,

      Finally got a call from the CM yesterday courtesy of some prompting from Metricon's social media staff and a link to this post on their twitter page :)

      Handover on monday... Yippee!

  3. My heart sank when I read this post. I seriously thought that no news was good news and you were too busy moving (and getting your new Internet connection) to blog!

    Sad to hear your SS seems more interested in an ego power trip than getting a job completed and off his books. In our experience it's hard enough getting through the painfully slow final stage when your SS is doing his best to get things finished, let alone one who makes statements to make you think otherwise.

    Hope the CM comes through for you...yesterday!!


    1. All good now Nat :) CM called yesterday and handover is scheduled for Monday 2pm. We also managed to get another week in the rental which is great so poor Lachie doesnt have to recover from his operation all over the place :)

  4. That is good to hear that you have handover for Monday. Hopefully everything goes smoothly including Lachie's operation. To hear Metricon are dragging their feet and that a simple build has taken so long is disappointing. How long was your contract? Can you claim liquidated damages?

  5. Glad to hear handover is booked - I was going to suggest using social media - I've never had such a fast response from them than the few times I've posted on FB.

    Shame I didn't think to do that when we were actually building!

    Good Luck!

  6. Oh thank goodness you guys FINALLY have hand over!!! What an awful experience!!!!!! Very disappointing indeed!!!! I have been completely absent from blogging land too, I am eager to update, but things have been just sooooo busy! Now that I am on a night shift I can finally catch up on some interweb things! The first thing I did was scroll through to find out what was going on with you guys!! Hope Lachlan recovers well from the op. what bad timing too! I hope everything goes smoothly with the move. No doubt you will be a bit like us and have a dozen tradies coming and going to fix things up after you move in...and don't expect them to make a time...they just seem to turn up out of the blue! (or not turn up when they are supposed to!) Very glad you have a handover date!!
    Hope all goes as smoothly as possible!! xx


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