Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't fence me in!

QA was supposed to take place on the house today and we haven't heard otherwise so... no news is good news??? The renderers were there yesterday redoing some of the damaged bits so we are assuming that it was the last thing to tick off before QA today.

Anyway, my new motto is "less hurry, less worry" not just pertaining to the house but to our rather hectic life. I'm not going to stress over the house, its just not worth losing my sanity!

Progress was made elsewhere this week with our two new side fences and rear retaining wall being completed. We rang numerous fencing companies and it seriously took about 4 weeks to get a quote out of most of them, many simply didn't bother to turn up or send through the quotes. It must have been a sign as in the end Cam rang Shane from S & M Fencing (ha ha ha for those of you with a dirty mind/reading 50 shades of grey) and he sent us through the quote in good time. Work was completed promptly and to a fantastic level

The quality of the work completed by Shane and his guys was impeccable and we can't recommend them highly enough. They are in the process of launching a new website which will go live in the next few weeks  In the meantime, you can like them on Facebook SMFencing or call Shane and his team on (03) 8719 0668. They complete all types of paling fences, retaining walls, picket fences and gates. If you are in Melbourne and looking for a fencer, you cant go past them!

The proof of their quality work is show below!

Hopefully by Monday we will have some more exciting news of an impending PCI...



  1. Your fences look good!

    Just wondering what the vertical posts are made of. My husband is building our retaining walls and is interested in the posts.

  2. Hi guys,

    The posts are galavanised steel "I" posts as they are in the shape of a capital I. They are cemented into the ground and then the timber sleepers just slot into them.

    I think they are the best way to build a timber retaining wall. These days it is how most landscapers/fencers will build them I think.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Fences are looking good. I bet your neighbours are happy. Good to start out on a positive note with them!

    You will hopefully get news of the QA report on Monday. Apparently they leave a copy on site (ours was left for the SS on the kitchen bench).

    Fingers crossed you have PCI in a few days time...

  4. Hi guys, hope you have had some progress since this last post!! I can't believe you have been held up so much right at the end!! It must be so horribly frustrating!! The fence looks great, and excellent that they have done such a good job! Hopefully I see some good news from Cam & Kirst soon!, If I don't reply quickly, all the best for the move!!

  5. Hi Mel, check out the new post today. We promise we wont leave you in the dark once we move and will try to keep on posting :)


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