Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Totally floored!

The carpets and bamboo boards are in and look fantastic!!!
Study with carpet laid - Andrew Carpet in Karaoke (charcoal) colour! We didn't upgrade the carpet at all apart from the upgrade included in the promotion. With kids etc we figured we would probably upgrade to nicer wool carpets when the kids are older.

Sitting room. Stainless steel flange still to go on Jetmaster and bottom half of stairwell will be painted royal beige half again. I'm seriously loving this room!!!

Style Bamboo Engineered Boards in Coffee colour! The is the only section I could photograph as all the other areas are covered by cardboard to protect them which is good. I really love our choice of both the bamboo boards which are the toughest natural wood flooring (they're not laminate covered but strand woven bamboo) available and again suitable for kids! The upgrade to get these wasn't cheap, but it was sooo worth it.

Rumpus Room. Not sure what the white lines are...a result of the laying process? I hope they'll go away !

Master Bedroom with freaky sunlight pattern on the wall.

Looking out of the Master suite and along the hall upstairs.

Looking back into the Master suite. I can wait to see the lovely sheer ceiling to floor curtains along the sliding doors.

Things are coming along nicely :)

ps.. On another note... A Metricon house in our street where we rent got broken into and vandalised a month ago. Broken windows and doors, pant thrown all over the floors and walls amongst other damage. There were police canvassing the area and the fence that had been taken down to prepare for handover (they were probably a few weeks away from handover) was swiftly put back up! They were also approaching a 12 month build time. Today when I drove past on my way home, I noticed that most of the carpet has been pulled up and a large pile of broken plaster from the walls was out the front. How awful would that be? So close but so far! I feel so bad for the owners.


  1. Love love love!!!!!!! I would say I needed a "like" button but I really need a "love" one! There can't be long left now surely!! Carpet looks great, bamboo floor looks fab, love all of it! I wonder if the marks on the carpet are something they use to roll over it to push it down or something? I'm sure they will vacuum up.
    That is so awful for the house down the street, they must be heart broken!

    Great photos guys,exciting times ahead.

  2. Ooh, that's the exact same carpet we have chosen, it will be in all four bedrooms of ours. Really glad to see what it looks like, and bigger than a sample. It's all coming together now, holy heck! The bamboo floors look amazing!

  3. Looking fanastic, Kirst! I'm glad you've made a decision on the stair wall. I like it either way, but am glad you're happy to take it back to the main wall colour.

    That sun pattern certainly is freaky looking, isn't it.

    Very sad about the house down the street, how disappointing for the owners. I'm not sure how I'd feel moving in, knowing the house had already been vandalised like that.

    As for you, onwards and upwards, and surely you'll be living in your new home soon!


    1. Thanks M, We are keen but not wanting to rush it at the same time... catch 22 really but we get the feeling it will be another 6 weeks at least. The place that was vandalised has probably lost 2 months build time not to mentioned the frustration. We will be prolonging the temp mesh fence removal as long as possible.

  4. It's great how much the floors transform the place - all of a sudden it feels like a finished home! Hope you don't have to wait the 2 months from this milestone we've had to wait to get to inspections...grrr.

    I'm paranoid that we'll get a break in and vandalism...it would really add insult to injury at this point!

    Come on, home stretch - keep up the pace M!

    1. Nat,
      We are applying the equivalent of the 80 / 20 rule to the final stage of our place - the last 5% will take 20% of the time. Our SS has already told us the last handful of things will take time... We need, roof plumber, internal plumber, plaster, painter, electrican, chippies, renders back at some stage to fit / finish off everything. Unfortuately, it will drag on.


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