Monday, May 21, 2012

That's not a weed... this is a weed!

Well, there's been quite a bit happening at the moment. 

Last Friday the gas meter and the floor boards were delivered for installation. 

We also had another (see the last post on this HERE) call from a company on M's behalf doing a 'survey' (ahem!) about our SS and satisfaction with the company and build. Same stupidly worded questions requesting a Yes or No answer.  Replies are unlikely to be Yes until we handover and are in a position to truelly assess all areas etc.  Given me a 1 to 5 if your really looking for any real feedback.  Generally the feedback was avg at this stage especially regarding the SS and his communication (or lack thereof!!!).

Called the CM for a chat today, who conveniently had just arrived at our place doing his checks - I suspect on his/our SS - and he confirmed the guys were laying the bamboo boards as we spoke. Not to be out done the carpet guys were there laying the carpet (ok probably didn't have to add that they were laying the carpet...they weren't going to be doing much else!) as were the renderers and brickies touching up a few things. Standing room only at our house today.

Boards waiting to be laid... Hopefully the carpet guys didn't need to get in the study before they laid the boards?

Remember this little old thing (previous blog posts, HERE, HERE & HERE...). Its been placed up against a brick wall... thankfully its the neighbours garage not our gorgeous fa├žade!!!

We can't wait to inspect all this work later on this week.

While M has been arranging work to be done we have been busy arranging fence quotes and meeting with landscapers discussing our vision of the finished product. Met with two guys both similar ages (to each other and to me & with kids). Both were very informative and knowledgeable about what works with a couple of ankle biters. Now we need to pick one ???

We are also after some recommendations for concreters if anyone has a good one in the Inner E/SE Melbourne suburbs.

Oh and note to self - need to get some weed killer before the below really take hold - good soil at least....



  1. Hi Cam and Kirst,
    Excellent progress! Looks like it's going to be a race to the finish (handover) line between you and us and Paul and Nats :-)
    We got an awesome concreter and would be happy to recommend him - Craig 0411 129 438.
    Tell him Jon referred you. We might get a discount when he comes to pour the footings for our brick fence and expand the crossover ;-)

    1. Jon,
      Already had your guy listed in my book to contact - his worked looked great. We are hoping for pre 30 June but not that confident.

    2. Hehe, if I were a betting woman I'd say you guys and Ron & Jon will beat us to handover. We have so many trades to come back and fix things: tiler to replace 2 bathroom tiles which means removing the bath & tapware and then recaulking. Carpet to be replaced in master bedroom (CM isn't happy they used 3 pieces of carpet when the span indicates they could have used 2 and the join is too visible)...painters back for a 4th or 5th time, etc. etc.! Electrician to fix 2 lights not working and missing powerpoint in laundry. And we've had no trades onsite for the last 8 business all just sits there waiting...

      My SS gave me the phone number of his concreter this week. Can you email me via my profile? If so drop me an email and I'll give you his number. I haven't called him yet. My motivation is severely lacking this week!


    3. Nat,
      Hate the way they muck around with the trades so each has to come back 3/4 times etc. Especially when its clear to everyone else the process is just not working. Anyway that the ways it's done so we need to just grin and bear it. No trades for the last 8 days must be frustrating. Not looking forward to that.


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