Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Totally floored!

The carpets and bamboo boards are in and look fantastic!!!
Study with carpet laid - Andrew Carpet in Karaoke (charcoal) colour! We didn't upgrade the carpet at all apart from the upgrade included in the promotion. With kids etc we figured we would probably upgrade to nicer wool carpets when the kids are older.

Sitting room. Stainless steel flange still to go on Jetmaster and bottom half of stairwell will be painted royal beige half again. I'm seriously loving this room!!!

Style Bamboo Engineered Boards in Coffee colour! The is the only section I could photograph as all the other areas are covered by cardboard to protect them which is good. I really love our choice of both the bamboo boards which are the toughest natural wood flooring (they're not laminate covered but strand woven bamboo) available and again suitable for kids! The upgrade to get these wasn't cheap, but it was sooo worth it.

Rumpus Room. Not sure what the white lines are...a result of the laying process? I hope they'll go away !

Master Bedroom with freaky sunlight pattern on the wall.

Looking out of the Master suite and along the hall upstairs.

Looking back into the Master suite. I can wait to see the lovely sheer ceiling to floor curtains along the sliding doors.

Things are coming along nicely :)

ps.. On another note... A Metricon house in our street where we rent got broken into and vandalised a month ago. Broken windows and doors, pant thrown all over the floors and walls amongst other damage. There were police canvassing the area and the fence that had been taken down to prepare for handover (they were probably a few weeks away from handover) was swiftly put back up! They were also approaching a 12 month build time. Today when I drove past on my way home, I noticed that most of the carpet has been pulled up and a large pile of broken plaster from the walls was out the front. How awful would that be? So close but so far! I feel so bad for the owners.

Monday, May 21, 2012

That's not a weed... this is a weed!

Well, there's been quite a bit happening at the moment. 

Last Friday the gas meter and the floor boards were delivered for installation. 

We also had another (see the last post on this HERE) call from a company on M's behalf doing a 'survey' (ahem!) about our SS and satisfaction with the company and build. Same stupidly worded questions requesting a Yes or No answer.  Replies are unlikely to be Yes until we handover and are in a position to truelly assess all areas etc.  Given me a 1 to 5 if your really looking for any real feedback.  Generally the feedback was avg at this stage especially regarding the SS and his communication (or lack thereof!!!).

Called the CM for a chat today, who conveniently had just arrived at our place doing his checks - I suspect on his/our SS - and he confirmed the guys were laying the bamboo boards as we spoke. Not to be out done the carpet guys were there laying the carpet (ok probably didn't have to add that they were laying the carpet...they weren't going to be doing much else!) as were the renderers and brickies touching up a few things. Standing room only at our house today.

Boards waiting to be laid... Hopefully the carpet guys didn't need to get in the study before they laid the boards?

Remember this little old thing (previous blog posts, HERE, HERE & HERE...). Its been placed up against a brick wall... thankfully its the neighbours garage not our gorgeous façade!!!

We can't wait to inspect all this work later on this week.

While M has been arranging work to be done we have been busy arranging fence quotes and meeting with landscapers discussing our vision of the finished product. Met with two guys both similar ages (to each other and to me & with kids). Both were very informative and knowledgeable about what works with a couple of ankle biters. Now we need to pick one ???

We are also after some recommendations for concreters if anyone has a good one in the Inner E/SE Melbourne suburbs.

Oh and note to self - need to get some weed killer before the below really take hold - good soil at least....


Friday, May 18, 2012

Now we're cooking with gas...

Well not actually with gas, but rather electricity.

What a great surprise to see that the range hood, oven and microwave/grill have been installed :)

I am loving the nice wide oven and I'm glad I got the extra storage drawer underneath as I think it really makes it look better. We also upgraded to an oven that is fitted. I dislike the gaps that you get on either side of the free-standing ones.

Likewise, I love the sleek integrated hidden range hood. Its so hidden, I didn't even realise it had been installed! I think the hidden range hoods look better and are easier to maintain. We had an exposed canopy stainless steel range hood in our last home (great kitchen, designed and installed by Impala) and it was a bugger to keep clean.

The microwave will be an interesting one. We didn't stray too far from the standard Baumatic range. I'm not sure the quality is there but we shall see. We can always upgrade them in a few years.

The gas cook top is yet to be delivered and installed.

Our lovely Jetmaster has also been installed except for the stainless steel flange. We have a funny feeling that the hole may have been cut too big? We shall see...

Other things that have been happening include

  • Tiler came back to finish the grouting and as I turned up just as he was getting started so I also showed him a section in the powder room that have slipped and he was all too happy to fix it up for me. It was so lovely to meet such a great tradesman who takes great pride in his work. I am soooo pleased with the excellent job our tilers have done!! I told him so and he was chuffed...
  • Plasterers have been back to patch and fix a few walls/joins.
  • Painter was supposed to come back to finish painting the front façade (HOPE YOU HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE BIG RED REVEAL!), outdoor room and touch up inside. I wanted to discuss with them about painting the bottom part of the stairs under the big window back in the lighter wall colour rather than the dark colour in the stairwell. It has been on my mind for sometime. I didn't ask for it to be painted dark and I really dislike it every time I walk the stairs. Anyway, I haven't been able to catch up with the painter because he has never shown up!
  • Cam has organised Gas and Electricity connections and the gas meter is coming to be installed in the next week or so.
  • Our lovely Bamboo timber floors were supposed to be installed starting yesterday. Cam and I met with a landscaper on site this morning and so signs of any timber floors as yet.
  • Finally, the carpet is to be laid on Monday.
Lots going on, but such small steps. its really impossible to even fathom that we are not too far away from finishing.

ps. We just ordered one of these lovely TV units for the lounge from Nick Scali's 30% off sale that finished last Sunday. What a lovely way to spend Mothers Day last week. Shopping for furniture and lunch at Ikea. I was one happy Mummy! :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mirror Image.

The Master Bedroom and Lachie's Bedroom have had the mirrored sliding doors installed. They are a bit dirty, but look really great.

Now, all I need to do is keep little fingers away from them when we move in :)

Master bedroom sliding doors

Looking the other way in the Master walk behind robe.

Lachie's bedroom.

Little things go along way at the moment. Communications from the SS have been few and far between.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mummie out there :)


Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the words of Scotty Cam.......

Measure twice, cut once...

This is so funny I just have to share. Nice to see the plumbers have a sense of humour... leaving it sitting on top of the hob.  It would probably funnier if the tiles hadn't been done....

Let's see if 
1. Our SS calls and 
2. Whether he brings this one up.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Click Click Click...

Seems like not so long ago I was posting about hitting the 20,000 mark.

Well by the time you read this, we will be past the 30,000th click on our little blog :)

Is it time to pop the champagne? Not quite, but a little milestone to celebrate nonetheless!

Thanks for reading
Kirst & Cam xx

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who's the fairest of them all?

'Mirrors Mirrors on the walls' of our lovely bathrooms were installed last week along with the finishing touches to the tiling (grout will be finished this week sometime).

It is also wonderful to see that the basins and taps have mostly been fitted.

Lastly, the shower screens are also on :)

It makes such a difference.

The chippies also came and fitted out the storage, linen cupboard and bedroom robes. They look good. Now just waiting for the mirrored sliding doors for the master and Lachie's bedroom.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Powder Room with mirror and feature tiles

Shelving in the downstairs storage room.

Our beautiful kitchen with the shiny new finger mosaic tiles . Mmmmm

Upstairs linen

Lachie's cupboard

Kids bathroom

Wall to wall his n hers robes in the Master Suite

Ensuite shower

Finally... this beauty!!! LOVE <3

This week

  1. Cleaners tomorrow
  2. SS QA on Tuesday
  3. Plasterers - Wednesday
  4. Painters - Thursday
  5. Chippy - sometime next week to finish balcony etc


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our European friends - the tilers

Early last week we met with our tilers to walk through each room and discuss the position of tiles, finishes etc etc.

We met our head tiler (Serg) and quickly realized two things. A- he was of eastern European descent (a thick accent gave it away) and B- he was THE BOSS!

Serg and his team listened to our explanations and asked questions where they werent sure. It was time well spent and the guys were very thorough, standing back and thinking about all the options as we went. However whenever the second tiler made a suggestion he was quickly overpowered by Serg, who had already considered and given us the best option. (AND... each time Serg was spot on with what we wanted).

So the tiler worked all last week including until 7pm on Friday (only leaving to go home cause his missus had summoned him home LOL) and most of Saturday. After a quick peek on Sunday to take some happy snaps... BEHOLD.... our tiles!!!!!


Kids bath

Kids vanity

Upstairs toilet
Kids shower
Kids showerbase

Ensuite tiled showerbase
Ensuite shower with feature wall and niche

Ensuite vanity...LOVE!
Ensuite bath - its massive!

As we are only tiling the wet areas (all living, kitchen areas are either timber or carpeted) they should be finished in the next few days. Hope the weather holds so they can get the balcony tiled, the front balcony cladding can be attached and painted and then we can have the GRAND FRONT FACADE REVEAL!