Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our European friends - the tilers

Early last week we met with our tilers to walk through each room and discuss the position of tiles, finishes etc etc.

We met our head tiler (Serg) and quickly realized two things. A- he was of eastern European descent (a thick accent gave it away) and B- he was THE BOSS!

Serg and his team listened to our explanations and asked questions where they werent sure. It was time well spent and the guys were very thorough, standing back and thinking about all the options as we went. However whenever the second tiler made a suggestion he was quickly overpowered by Serg, who had already considered and given us the best option. (AND... each time Serg was spot on with what we wanted).

So the tiler worked all last week including until 7pm on Friday (only leaving to go home cause his missus had summoned him home LOL) and most of Saturday. After a quick peek on Sunday to take some happy snaps... BEHOLD.... our tiles!!!!!


Kids bath

Kids vanity

Upstairs toilet
Kids shower
Kids showerbase

Ensuite tiled showerbase
Ensuite shower with feature wall and niche

Ensuite vanity...LOVE!
Ensuite bath - its massive!

As we are only tiling the wet areas (all living, kitchen areas are either timber or carpeted) they should be finished in the next few days. Hope the weather holds so they can get the balcony tiled, the front balcony cladding can be attached and painted and then we can have the GRAND FRONT FACADE REVEAL!


  1. Looking great! Seriously, is there anything better than a large format glossy white tile. LOVE!


    1. Agreed M. You cant go wrong!!! Its classic :)

  2. It's looking fantastic. I love the difference tiles make to an empty bathroom - so much lighter and brighter!

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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