Sunday, March 4, 2012


As I hadn't heard anything from the SS this week re progress, we popped down to our house (quickly looking and feeling like a house rather than a construction site) this afternoon. The plasterer I spoke to on site Friday morning mentioned it would be all done by Saturday afternoon. I was a little skeptical, but you never know your luck. It has been a case of over commit and under deliver thus far. We are impressed with the speed of the plasters none the less.

Thankfully nothing was closed up so we were able to have a quick look through out. The team of plasterers had a red hot go at it over the past three days hanging plaster to all walls and ceilings. They had also plastered all the corners using the metal 90 degree things (whatever they are called) and smoothed out the joins between sheets etc. They have also plastered the portico and the outdoor room. A huge pile of cornice is sitting in the kitchen/dining area presumably ready to be hung Monday. Looks pretty good from the quick walk through we did.

The scaffold guys must have been back on Saturday to pick up all their stuff so itwas our first real chance to have a look at our colour choices and we like what we are seeing….

Afew pic’s of the plaster work and the view from the street as itstands today.

Formal sitting room with stair well to right


Kitchen with window splashback

View down hall way from kitchen to front door

Master bedroom upstairs

Upstairs sitting area

Upstairs sitting area looking at stairwell

Front from left hand corner

Front from right hand corner

Til next time.



  1. Hi guys, just came across your blog, it's great! we are building with Metricon too, but in Brisbane. I have just recently been inspired to start a blog also, as I have found everyone elses sooo helpful! I love your colour selections, but I could be biased and our brick colour looks very similar too. I think one of the best tips I have read so far was someone who had a builders key cut prior to lock up so they could go inside after hours whenever they wanted to. I have made some enquires and the cost is between $125-195 for a key to be made after hours, but after reading lots of blogs I think it might be worth it....the plan is for my husband to remove the laundry sliding door lock on the weekend and have a key made by a locksmith and put it back in again afterwards, before everyone comes back on Monday. Thanks for the tip about the plumbing lining up, I haven't even looked at ours! It will be on my list of things to check tonight. Look forward to reading more as you progress.

    ps. your kids look really cute!

  2. You must be pleased to get a good look at your house now that the clutter of scaffolding and framing is gone. It's looking great. Your cabinetry will go in soon - that's when it felt like the turning point for me, when the spaces get some purpose as real rooms! Can't wait to see your balcony done. The cladding colours contrasts the bricks well, bet you're glad you waited for the one's you chose.

  3. Hi Nat, we are really hoping things get cracking now. I agree the cabinetry is what I need so i can visualise the rooms better (Cam too... as we all know that he is a visual learner! lol) I cant wait for the balcony to be done either with the large matrix boards. Then we are rendering all of the bricks on the front. A midrange "Champagne" (darker than cladding) for most of it and a dark grey "Raku" for the pillars. I CANT WAIT!!!

  4. Hey Mel, I just commented over on your blog. I wouldn't recommend that you worry about getting the builders key. They have so far ALWAYS left a window or door or both open so we could have a squiz.

    and we think our lil boys are cuties too. The littlest just started taking his first steps today! Hooray :)


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