Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Late last week we received a letter from Metricon saying our customer service consultant (CSC), Alana, had left Metricon and is being replaced for the balance of our build.

Really disappointed about this change. Not that our new CSC (KB) isn't any good / experienced etc etc as may well be but Alana was really very good and extremely helpful. We have had the odd item to 'discuss' and she was excellent in keeping us informed and made it as easy as possible. She worked with her customers and not solely for Metricon, if you know what I mean. In my view, that is what customer service is really about.

So we are up to our 2nd CSC and our 3rd SS (if you count Metricon's CM being our second).

Lets hope our new CSC is just as good and hopefully no further changes re the Metricon team.



  1. Well that explains why Alana hasn't replied to me about the fences and crossover repair questions I emailed a week and a half ago. Except we haven't received any word from M about losing our CSC or getting a new one...!

    1. Still no word from them about the CSC? We got a letter last friday! Have a look on my metricon and it will have her name and number.


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