Sunday, March 11, 2012

Filling up the piggy bank! (and then emptying it)

We got a nice surprise in our bank account last week.

Some company from the USA.. Google or something like that paid us the hefty sum of $1.02 as payment for the advertising and clicks that have taken place on our blog in the past 12 months.

I have spent the whole week wondering where I am going to spend it! 

Freedom's divine new winter range, that where!

Loving these beauties...

I love the natural textures of wool and wood in these. I'd love this sort of thing in our sitting room. Cant you just imagine sitting in front of the Jetmaster on a cold Melbourne day?

Not sure if this fits with our modern look or bamboo floors, but the timber is lovely, has so much character!

I'm especially loving the pendant in the centre! Clean and contemporary  but not too industrial!

This gold side table is DIVINE! and at $129... a steal!

The new cushion range are also pretty special! Soft colours to brighten up winter! $34.95 each...
Finally I've still got my eye on this bad boy... The King Furniture Concerto 20 modular package in beautiful black leather... just waiting for the mid year sales...

Until next time (stay tuned... things are hotting up in the next few weeks... FINALLY!)


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  1. Congrats on your windfall! you must be super excited, don't going blowing it all at once ;-)


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