Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's behind DOOR number one??? Perhaps its a sparky?

Yesterday I got a nice surprise when the boys and I dropped by in the afternoon.

The sparky's were there cutting out the holes for the down lights, heavy pendants and powerpoints. They had just about finished and i must say everything was nice and even in each room... no ridiculous down light locations... all squared up... which is great. We didn't know they were even booked in which made it an even nicer surprise.

Also it was apparent that the renderers had been on site to prep the front for rendering. There were some metal mesh brackets fixed to the corners of each of the front pillars and corners of the fa├žade that are going to be rendered... another WIN :)

Finally the chippies had been and had installed all of the upstairs doors and door frames (except the Master bedroom as the door is damaged). They had also pre-measured and cut all the door and window architraves for the whole house and these were labelled and sitting next to each door/window ready to be fixed on (today, i would assume!)
Our little inspector in front of one of the bedroom doors :)
The upstairs linen cupboard... with doors!

This is what is supposed to be happening from now on (as per the SS a few weeks ago!)...
Week commencing 19th March….
- Fascia, gutters etc installed on garage,
- Cabinets delivered and installed

The following week commencing 26th March….
- Roofing installed on garage,
- Waterproofing.

It definitely progress...WOOT WOOT!


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