Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All about waterproofing…..

Could someone out there in the blogger world help me out?
One very quick question regarding wet areas waterproofing.

I’ve been told the BCA’s or something similar requires all wet areas to be fully waterproofed including the entire floor area especially where bathrooms (wet areas) are upstairs on timber flooring – not just the shower recessed area. What has been your experience?

This is a questions well ahead of where we are up to in our build but keen to get an idea of what is the correct process and what is the approach / experience of others.

Thanks in advance.



  1. Hi Cam

    We've got 2 bathrooms and 1 powder room upstairs and they were all fully waterproofed.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Thanks B - thats my understanding as well. The entire floor area needs to be waterproofed. I mentioned that to our SS the other day in passing but he seemed very vague about it. Maybe when it comes time it will all be done correctly and hasnt thought to much about it yet.

  3. Hey Cam, I've only ever had single story homes so I don't know the requirements for wet areas on upper floors. Only the shower area up to about 1800mm high was done at 2 of my places, and in my last place we were owner builder and had installed drains in the floor as well so we chose to do the entire floor, but I don't think it was a requirement.

    Good point though that it may well be different upstairs..

    Give Beaumont's a call. They'll know the answer.


  4. Hi Cam, looking at our build it's only the actual wet areas that were waterproofed (is it that deep blue stuff they paint on?) - ie - just the shower area, floor and walls up to 1800mm high. They do use a different plasterboard (wet area board) for the bathrooms, toilets and laundry which is bluish in colour. I found some info here . Regarding wet area floors, I'm just guessing, they may use a different mortar base for laying the floor tiles to prevent water from seeping through.

    Hope this helps.


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