Saturday, March 24, 2012

Action Stations...

Well after quite a few weeks of little activity, we have some quality action on-site.

A quick recap of this week included,
  • the sparkys cutting out the holes for the downlights, switches and power points. [ for Jon & Ron’s (check out their blog here) amusement they missed the bracket in a number of places …],
  • the renders started and finished the base/undercoat in white,
  • the bathroom areas have been waterproofed [ thanks to B (B is building a house), J&R and Nat (Paul and Nat's House Build) for their comments re: the waterproofing requirements – watch this space regarding this one ]
  • the fixing chippies have fitted all but a few doors, the architraves have been cut to size and mostly fitted, and
  • lastly and most importantly for Kirst all the cabinet were delivered and installed.
Only one updated pic of the front fa├žade with white render - poor iphone quality. Sorry no pic’s of our new Kitchen as yet but will be in to inspect over the weekend, so expect to see an excited post by Kirst shortly.


Front facade with white base / undercoat render


  1. Looking great, guys. It definitely was action stations at your place this week. Can't wait for the cabinetry photos - bring it on!!!


  2. Did you have an inspector go through your house at different stages?

    Who did you use and would you recommend them?

  3. Hi A19, we had a frame inspection done and it was well well worth it! We are getting one done post waterproofing this week and will get another one at handover. Please send us a private message to get the details as we aren't too keen passing info around when we can't see your profile.


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