Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Belated Happy New Year!

Belated Happy New Year to all.

For those of you currently building, hope all continues well and those who have had an issue here and there, hope the new year brings a fresh focused team your way.

As mentioned in our last blog, I dropped off a slab of Crownie's for the brickie's on the 23rd Dec.  Given the issues we have had with sourcing the bricks and the fact they have been working flat out and done a great job - thought it was only right.  Everytime I have dropped by they have been only to happy to show and explain to me what they had achieved and what is next - and mostly initiated by them not by me.  I actually got a text message from owner of the bricking company on Christmas morning (unbelieveable, but true) thanking me on behalf of his crew for the beers and wishing us a Merry Christmas.  Well and truly over and above what I expected given I don't employ him.

We also dropped off a bottle of champagne for our Building Support Co-ordinator (Alana) and our Pre-Construction CSC (Cassie).  Both have provided us with excellent service to date, so its the least we could do.


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