Friday, November 11, 2011

We have a HAT .....

Well the great brick debacle, as its been called, has been sorted.   After a few bit of mucking around we are sticking to our original plan.  The wait is only a few weeks and as many have pointed out a few weeks isn't long considering we will be living in our new home for many years to come.

Well I met with our SS this morning at 8am to discuss progress etc and the roof tilers were hard at it.  Stopped by very quickly on the way home tonight and we have a HAT on it.  Its a two storey so you don't really see a great deal of the roof so no pic's this blog.  The roof is probably 85% done.   There was at least three of them climbing around up there.  No mucking around with these guys.

We are heading off on a 10 day break up north so it was important for us to get an update and an understanding of what is scheduled while we are away.  So this is the plan (subject to weather as they say in the building game),
Monday - upstairs roof finished,
Tuesday - frame inspection ahead of building surveyors visit and scaffold down,
Wednesday - building surveyors visit and chippie' back to finish rear ground floor roof trusses (couldn't be done because of the scaffolding),
Thursday - potentially plumbing roughed in,
Friday - roof tilers back to finish off the rear ground level roof.
Next Monday to Wednesday - duct work, the house to be wrapped and site cleaned,
Next Thursday onwards - brickwork to commence (assuming delivered on time).

I'm happy to say the whole reverse build process wont happen.  I wasn't happy about it and told them very clearly I wasn't.  We are in Melbourne not Queensland - didn't they see the down pour the other night... Anyway apparently they were listening...  It appears the SS wasn't a fan of it but the office was pushing for it - implied this was the case anyway.  No doubt the office view is - quicker its done the quicker they can invoice...

Til next time


  1. Glad you've got the brick decision made. A trip away will certainly help to make the time fly too! Hope they've started your brickwork by the time you get back.

    Re your comment on our site, there seems to be 2 schools of thought in regards to sarking - one being that you shouldn't have it so your roof will allow condensation to dispel, the other says it has thermal and water runoff benefits. At my last place I put sarking under the tiles and installed a whirly bird to deal with any condensation, but this time we didn't want the expense if we won't notice a difference! I have no idea why the roofer did partial sections, thinking some is better than none?!

    Enjoy your break! Looking forward to seeing the progress when you return.


  2. Hey guys,
    Your home is looking fantastic and looks like its starting to come together really fast!

    Enjoy your break and come back all refreshed! I will be looking forward to seeing more progress upon your return. We've just received our final drawings back and should be going to colour selections in approx 2 weeks.
    Glad you've made your decision on the bricks, which I would've made the same choice.



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