Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little change vs. Massive change

Well upon return from our short holiday away and the follow few days, we have seen little change to the construction of our new home but massive changes within M.

Construction - lack there of.. 
Lets start with the changes - or lack there of - in the construction of our new home.  Below is a list of action proposed by M prior to our departure and what was actually achieved.
  • Upstairs front half - tiling finished.  -  YES
  • Frame inspection by M and scaffold down.  -  NO
  • Building surveyors inspection, rear ground floor roof trusses done.  -  SORT OF (survey done but as scaffold not down the rear roof was incomplete so survey will need to be done again !!)
  • Plumbing roughed in.  -  NO
  • Roof tilers back to finish off the rear ground level roof.  -  NO
  • Duct work, house to be wrapped and site cleaned.  -  SORT OF (house wrapped)
  • Brickwork to commence  -  NO (whole other story - refer below)
One 'YES', four 'NO' and two 'SORT OF' = FAIL........ 

Well it came of no surprise to us that our SS has resigned.  He was a nice guy, working hard to achieve the desired result and our open communication was such that he gave me the heads up he was on the way out.  He simply had too many "discussions" with the CM re the process for the construction of our home and others.  Its safe to say there is/was no love lost there.  Time will tell who is right and the better operator....

Thankfully our SS was never interested in a reverse build (previously discussed) largely because its Melbourne.  We're not in northern Queensland.  Melbourne's weather is just too unpredictable.  With his discreet help, the CM intended process was stopped before it could commence.  So must thank him for that.  It was discreet, past tense now I guess.....  He has finished up so no harm done.

He had been planning to commence his own building company for sometime and had recently signed up a number of projects himself so it all works out for him.  The word on the street or construction site.... is that a few other SS from M central Melbourne team are about to call it a day as a result of this CM.  Lets wait and see what happens there but hopefully doesn't impact any of this blogs readers. 

But what about us.......
Its safe to say I've had several phone calls and emails to the CM regarding the next steps, who will be taking over as SS etc etc.  Talk a plenty - action a little..... and no reply to emails.....  Those who know me, know that approach doesn't work well.

Well via other means, we have been unofficially told who our new SS will be.  Interesting enough, its a SS who we requested at day one but was told was unavailable.  If it all works out, it will be the absolute best result possible (other than having him from day one).  He has an excellent reputation within our area of Melbourne as one of the best SS and comes highly recommended by one of my mates (a SS with another residential builder) who has worked with him and still remains in contact with him.  From all reports, he is a guy I can have open communication with and he can be trusted. 

The Great Brick Debacle - part 2

Whilst we were away, we were informed our bricks will not be available on 24 November as previously advised.  The expected date is now 14 December.  WTF - a week and a half pre-Christmas....  So the better part of 6 weeks late.  Looks like lock-up pre-Christmas is out the question.
Still waiting on a satisfactory explanation from the CM as to how this can happen.  Especially given M have a pre-construction ordering step....

Oh yeah - 14 December.... I'll believe it, when I see it...

Construction - since we have been back
The scaffolding has come down and the framers have been back.  The rear of our house is now complete as is the portico.  Our new home is on the way to work so I know they were there around 7am yesterday morning and still there at 7.30 last night when I drove past last night. Good effort from the guys.

The plumbing and duct work has also been roughed in.  A few issue there but I'll save that for another day.

Until then....

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  1. I can't believe how different our experiences have been. It really does come down to the individuals it appears.

    In my message I gave you the name of our SS so you could request him, but it seems you've now got who you wanted, which I'm pleased to hear.

    In any case your brick delay would have held up the build even without the change of SS and delay in the other works. We had a delay on the Austral bricks for a month (I don't think they made enough to meet demand), so perhaps that's the case with the Selkirks also, rather than M's doing...?

    I really hope the change in SS re-invigorates your build progress, and in turn, your feelings toward the project. I think of Jon and Ron who have been struggling toward lockup for over 100 days. The whole two storey scaffold thing seems to muck with the schedule quite a bit.

    Looking forward to seeing your bricks arrive onsite. Fingers crossed there's no more delays!!



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