Monday, November 7, 2011

Gutters, Windows and Walk throughs

We came back early from the coast on cup weekend, organised for the kids to be looked after by Cam’s parents and hotfooted it out to the house last Monday to meet with our site supervisor and walk through.

The chippies were there working on the roof trusses but 3pm came and went and our SS didn’t show. He didn’t answer his phone, nor did he return any messages until 4 days later. Not Happy Jan!

Metricon did however send through the invoice for the frame stage last week, even though the frame isn’t completed and the ‘independent’ building surveyor organised by Metricon has not been to rubber stamp the frames. We are waiting until that happens and given we haven’t had an official walk though (this will not happen til Friday this week); we have no intention of paying the invoice until this is done.

Despite the lack of communication with our SS, work has still progressed last week and we now have 75% of windows installed (although I don't have any photos of the installed windows upstairs) along with all the gutters/fascias, which is great. The chippies are a good bunch of guys and we are happy with what they have accomplished so far. They are friendly and happy to answer any questions and at the moment they are able to give us so much more information than our SS.

Here are the piccies from the past week.

Front View with gutters and Fascia
Rear view, Rumpus and Grand Outdoor
Our Front Door with clear sidelights

Sitting Room with space in the middle for the Jetmaster

Powder Room

Lounge Room

Kitchen Window (also our splashback)
Dining Room and Bipart Doors leading to Outdoor Room
Bipart Doors (3m wide)
Landing/Leisure Room at the top of the stairs

Lachie's Room

Kids Bathroom with the shower on left and bath hob under window

Hamish's Bedroom

Walk In Robes for Hamish's Bedroom and the 4th bedroom
4th Bedroom

The master bedroom (balcony and return wall)

Whats happening the rest of this week?

Site has been tidied to make way for roof tiles to be delivered.
Roof tiling to begin (lets hope the weather holds out!) 
Frame Review by our SS and another of his colleagues 
Visit and review by the "independent" building surveyor



  1. I like the progress of the construction. As the pictures tell, the foundations are solid, and it seems every room is starting to take the shape of their function. Well, I hope all is done now, and you're living the best times of your life here. Cheers! :)


  2. Your house looks well-made. It does look sturdy with all that framing support. The house looks big too. Good thing that you were able to maximize the space. I’m sure that you are now enjoying and loving your new home.

    Eulalia Symonds

  3. You must’ve been very happy to see this big progress on your home construction. It’s good to see that the windows are already installed. All the windows are quite big. How many inches are those? Just make sure those are properly sealed to make your home energy efficient.
    -Northern Virginia Roofing Company


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