Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TIPS - our top 10 tips for building a new home PRE-CONSTRUCTION...

Now we have signed off on our FINAL plans, we thought we would list our top 10(ish) tips for new home builders to consider when building with a volume builder like M.

Double check everything prior to signing off on your final plans.  Its YOUR new home, so if you're not happy with everything, dig your heals in and take the plans away with you for detailed review and consideration.  Its not a insignificant amount of money you're signing off on, it your hard earned! Best make sure it's all correct.  This includes preliminary contracts.

Salesman are just that.  Take everything they say with a grain of salt especially contract and build times.   They are looking at the commission.  If its to good to be true... well.....

Provisional amounts.  I just don't like them!  In what other purchase do you effectively sign an open cheque.  These amounts can change significantly so be very careful and do some research yourself.  The problem is they are unavoidable but take care.

Your builder is happy to undertake work on your behalf, but you will pay for it.  So, if you can arrange for some  items yourself your likely to save 000's.  Remember most builders have a margin of at least 20% on everything - they are in business after all.

Try to ensure your CSC will go in and bat for you.  It will make the process a little easier. This means developing a rapport with them from the get go so that they will go the extra mile for you. Never be rude or abrupt as this will only get them offside. It seems like we're stating the obvious, but so many blogs we have read about people going off half cocked at their CSCs. In our opinion (and remember that these are just that), you get everywhere with good manners. Proof is in the relationship we had with our own CSC!

Try to ensure your other consultants ie.colour and option selections, electrics, tiles etc are FULL TIME employees and knowledgeable about their area or expertise's.  PART TIME consultants (like our Studio M) are difficult to find when you need them to resolve something.

If you doing a re-development, ensure your demolisher provides an pre and post demolition asbestos clearance certificate.  If you're doing a redevelopment, its most likely an old place and most likely contains asbestos in some form.  Your builder wont go to site if they think there is any risk of any residue asbestos on site. Nor should you expect them to.

No question is a stupid one.  OK, some are, but ask anyway.  The more you know the better the process will flow.

Prepare for the selection meetings.  Without a reasonable amount of preparation you may well struggle to make the right decisions (but you could also be lucky)

Start with the biggest wishlist, build without a budget.  Once you see what each item is worth you can make an educated ($) decision if its truly worth it or if for that price you can live without it.

Building a new home will test you.  Test you in patience and if you're like me they test you ability to visualise design and colours. (lol says Kirst)

We are sure that there are more things and will add them when we think of them. Please feel free to add any of your own tips to the comments section below :)


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  1. Hi Cam & Kirstan, Looks like you have covered most things - well done. One more thing - ask them if their sparky has worked out the AC power Max Demand and will size the incoming supply to the house correctly - especially if you have extra electrical items or future items you may want eg SPA ? - I caught ours just after they installed the single phase 60A supply, made them install 3phase to the house that would cover the extra items we wanted. Good luck with a start on site.


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