Monday, October 10, 2011

Site cut / Plumbing / Electric's / Site Supervisor Meet & Greet

Site Works
Well since we last posted about our build, there has been a reasonable amount of progress - considering the weather over the last week or so.

As you know the site was cut and pegged a few weeks ago, but unfortunately as the weather turned for the worst 10 days ago and most of the soil wasted away.  So we ended up with a nice sized lap pool similar to the one we originally thought about and then quickly dismissed.....

Anyway, after it dried out, on Monday and Tuesday last week the piers were drilled and filled and then the plumbers and electrician's got in there and set out the storm water, wet area points etc and run the electrics from the front of the block to a freestanding meter box.  So we have water and nearly power - subject to united energy getting back to finalise the power connection from the street lamp post.  The best thing about this is we wont need a temporary power pole.  Nice unexpected credit...

We have water....
We have power....
Site Super - meet and greet

So last Thursday we met up with our site supervisor, on site, to do the meet and greet etc.  Nice enough guy and from our first impressions, a guy we feel we can work with.  He was interested in our 'office' experience to date and keen to hear the good bad and the ugly. He was happy we weren't there to pay out on him at the first meeting.  Lets keep that for another time - hopefully not required at all...

He told us to expect a call every Friday for an update and contact him via email, text or mobile if we have any queries.  That was luck cos I'd used two of the three options already.  He has 9 jobs on at the moment all within a few neighboring suburbs at various stages.  One being a large double that's nearly 6 weeks into build around the corner and at lock up - so we checked it out. 

We popped back again Saturday morning and found this guy below working away, laser levelling the block.  Footing around the 'grand' outdoor room and the portico have also been dug ready for concrete. Another bonus was that they apparently didn't find any of the rock mentioned in our contract (our last provisional amount!) and so we will be getting another  $4k credit. Hooray! (for some more new furniture - Kirst!)

Waffle Pods (the white things in the background, not the two in the foreground - K)

Steel reinforcements

Our little site supervisor enjoying the sunshine out the front of the block.

What's Next?
After a brief call with SS today, we were told that there were 13 guys out on site today (including other SS from the area and the CM) getting the form work for the slab prepared. When Kirst drove by at 4pm it was all finished and ready for the concrete to be poured tomorrow! 

SS has also booked in his framers to start on Thursday. Followed by brickies (also tentatively booked in) etc. He thinks that lockup by Christmas is not out of the question. There are 50 working days for them until Xmas. 

We cannot wait! 

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