Friday, September 23, 2011

Site cut and slab dates. Hooray

This is a quick post as I'm trying out the new 'blogger' app available at the iTunes store for use with an iPhone.

Monday at some time the site is going to be cut and leveled. Then the drainage guy will do his thing later next week.

Finally, our slab is booked in to be poured on Thursday 6 Oct. It does seem like a while away. Is this normal? Hopefully we get good weather, but you never can count on Melbourne weather can you? So we shall see.

We are yet to meet our site manager Doug but I'm assured that he will be in contact soon. Let's hope so!

Have a great weekend blogging people!


  1. It's normal for things to get of to a lsowish start they are busy ordering everything for your house and co-ordinating teams. You get your site scrape, then they do all the trenches for plumbing, sewerage, electrics etc. The the footings and piers go in and need to set. After that they build the form work and ground insulation for the slab and then the slab can go on. Don't worry it will all be happening sooner than you think. It seems like yesterday we were at slab stage (oh and don't forget you have to start making payments then) we are wondering when PCI will be. Have fun and enjoy wtaching your home appear before your very eyes

  2. Yay, bring on the slab! A week and a half from site cut to slab seems ok to me. Our SM is a guy called Clive - I wondered if we'd have the same guy but seems not. Hope they're both good!


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