Thursday, September 15, 2011

FINALLY – passed to the construction team

It’s taken awhile but we have been advised that our job has been handed from pre-construction to construction….   

So after weeks of reviewing largely the same plans (small variations made by M – mostly by their hand without any discussion) we have signed off on final plans as pre our requirements and requests….

QA, Drafties and to a lesser extent Studio M have a lot to answer for.  Illogical and unrequested changes without any discussion as to why or communication as to what had changed is unacceptable – there... I'm feeling better already.  DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING!!!!

Well, we also took advantage of their multiple versions and requested a number of small changes ourselves.  I look at it this way – it’s not final til it’s final.  M can change items around without any fuss, so why can’t we….  So while reviewing the plans, for the god knows how many times, we decided to move this, change that, etc etc.   “Just make this change to the next version if you wouldn’t mind”   

On a more positive note, our CSC has been great and followed up all our queries and ensured any illogical / unrequested changes were reinstated.  Felt a little sorry for her a few times, as she was the ‘middle man’ the majority of the time – but that’s what her role is I guess.

So, the next step is to wait for our construction service consultation (made that title up) and / or our site manager to contact us.  We have been told its usually 2 weeks b/w pre-construction and construction til you see anything actually happen.  The construction team has already made a start on our job so work on the slab could be as early as this time next week. 

Now that's progress….


  1. YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Congratulations!!! My goodness what a rigmarole! I'm living vicariously through you - can't wait to see your site cut & slab photos! Woo hoo!! Bring it on! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! Well done!!!
    Now, let the fun begin. Yes, the contract is not final until ... basically until the construction finishes, right? Our new BSC (Building Support Coordinator?) have been going thru our contract even after it's been signed. So watch for emails saying there's a discrepancy with the contract. It's a matter of being firm and knowing fully well what's on your contract. They will read the contract quite literally. I know. They tried to charge me again for additional security sensors (just because they didn't notice that it was 3 line items up the page). But everything is cool.
    Good times!!!

  3. It pays to check, check and re-check your plans and contracts to make sure everything is written down. We were quite pedantic about getting things written in the contract to avoid confusion even when we were told 'but we do that anyway'. In fairness though, any mistakes the builder made, they 'fessed-up' and fixed things. Even the supervisor has adjusted things to make sure they are done 'as displayed' in their display homes. For exmaple, we had undermount basins in the vanities and the cutouts were smaller than the basin by around 10mm - 12mm. Minor I know, and although they were done as per the basin installation instructions, all their display homes have the cutout to align with the basin edge. So he had the stone benches removed and re-cut. I must admint, while the contract side was a nightmare, the build has been great. There's been mistakes, which you expect, but the way thsupervisor has resolved things has been fantastic.


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