Friday, August 5, 2011

Demolition is GO GO GO!

Cam and his Dad have spent the better part of today at the old house ripping our potentially valuable things to salvage…

Stained glass windows

Stained glass doors

Colourbond gate

Lighting sets

Old kitchen benches

And the other day we managed to sell the gas log heater (a Fitzroy Cannon which retails new for over $2000) for $1230 on eBay to a guy from Ballarat who picked it up this morning. Hopefully we can sell some of the other stuff too. I think a guy is coming to get the floorboards too.

THIS IS WHAT OUR QUAINT ("its a dump") LITTLE HOUSE LOOKS LIKE NOW.... in one week this will hopefully be a clear block... YAY

The temporary fencing is going up on Monday, the asbestos guys are coming on Tuesday and it looks like Jim the Demolisher will be coming in the later part of the week to roll over the house.

I would love to take our little boy, Lachie to have a look at the house being demolished as I think all little boys love diggers and trucks etc but alas we are going to Mt Buller late next week and won’t be around. So photos might be hard to come by…

Stay tuned

PS i forgot to ask... did anyone else get a groovy Metricon Briefcase to hold all your documents? (sorry about iPhone pics)

SUPER STYLISH... Dont you think?

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  1. Oh what the? I feel ripped off! lol. No groovy case for us....we got an extra paper bag at the display village with a lovely picture of a deck and pool on it...


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