Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cleared Block......

While it doesnt take long to demolish an old weatherboard place....

What it was...........

What it was internally...... as purchased

What happenned step 1 - after salvaging anything of value including leadlight windows, lightfittings, gas log heater, floorboards etc....  (same room as above)

What happened - step 2....smash it all up and drag it away....
What it is now..... view from rear to street

What it is now.... view from front to rear

Very happy with the job the guys did.  The block looks huge empty but hopefully not empty for long.
Now back over to M to arrange re-surveys to finalise slab etc.
And I need to sell the rest of the salvaged materials to offset the demo costs - ebay here I come.

Until next time Cam

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  1. That's a bit sad, really. Poor old house. I know you will build a lovely one in its place, but it's always sad when an era ends. Great photos, though, and how much fun is demolition! Now the fun starts ...!


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