Monday, June 20, 2011

Electrical Appointment done and dusted - PART 2

Continuing on from our last blog, we had our electric appoint last Thursday and over the weekend I noticed a few small items within the electrical paperwork that need either changing or confirming to be consistent with our understanding of what we requested/require.

Small things (5 in total) such as a power point at 750mm not at around 100-200mm as we requested and discussed with the sales consultant.  It appears they overcharged us for one point but as you know any little overcharges all add up and are worth following up. Yep, they say you need to notify them within 24 hours but lets get real, its an unrealistic time frame.  Their '24 hours' ended Friday afternoon, so no one was going to get started on anything at that time, especially on a Friday.  The first really opportunity is Monday morning - to which they would have received my email over the weekend.

We also had some issues regarding our discussions with the Sales Consultant about the ducted heating controllers. So what does 'in lieu of standard' actually mean?  In my world, it means to replace the original wall mounted controller with a remote controller, not in addition too but even after seeking clarification twice, the consultant assured us it means 'in addition' ie we would have both a wall mounted and remote heating controller.  Still unsure about whether or not this is the case, I emailed the electrical contractor this morning only to be told that 'in lieu of standard" does infact mean only one controller...Disappointed that their so called 'electrical consultants' dont know the products that they are selling you!

There were very limited options on offer at the electrical appointment.  Even the downlights within the display houses are not available.  I understand display homes are full of 'non standard items' but my money is on 90% of lights are not available.  Now that's just taking the piss - in my opinion.

Interesting enough, our sales consultant at StudioM has given us around 3 weeks to get back to her.  A number of items need to be changed or confirmed there as well, but again nothing too significant. I wonder why the electricals cant offer the same flexibility??


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