Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Здравствуйте/ zdravstvuite - TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE!

This morning I was checking out our blog stats page when I noticed that 269 of our thousand or so page views come from Russia!

So a huge Welcome if you are in Russia and enjoying our home building blog.

In other news, another letter has arrived from Metricon letting us know that the initial tests (soil etc) have been completed and the results are with technical department who are reviewing our chosen house, plans etc on the block and looking at building regs etc. Hooray.

Also we received word yesterday that probate has been granted to the estate of the elderly lady whose house we purchased. So settlement should be completed on the block in the next fortnight. Over 2 months after scheduled settlement. I hope this tardiness is not a sign of how our new home build will progress from here on in. Although after reading Shayne and Tonia's latest posts, i'm not holding my breath. Lol!

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  1. Isn't if interesting where our readers hail from? We have had visitors from all over the world too :)

    LOL - Hopefully you won't encounter as many issues as we have - and you can take the knowledge from our experiences to keep on them ALL THE TIME!! Right from the start!! No benefit of the doubt like I gave our SS too many times!

    Good luck - looking forward to following the build progress!


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