Monday, May 16, 2011

The countdown is on....

Settlement is about to occur any day now on the old house and pretty soon the demolishers will  move in and knock it over.

We have been in discussions with our Sales Consultant and our new CSC (incidentally, our second CSC in as many weeks), we didn’t even speak to the first guy. After speaking with our new CSC yesterday, Cam felt that we were in good hands. She was knowledgeable and pleasant and seemed to know what she was talking about, which is great.

We have booked in to go over our preliminary contract on 31 May and have another appointment on Tues 6 June to make our selections at Studio M. Exciting times ahead.

So now I am starting to stress out. There are so many decisions to be made and I am worried that I haven’t given the paint colours etc much thought at all L.  I am interested to know how others chose the colour scheme. Did you do it all on your own, or just say I like that colour in that display house etc? Looks like a trip to look at more display homes is on order! The kids will be so pleased…

Speaking of kids, I thought that now might be an opportune time to add in some photos of our darling little boys.

Our ‘Cheeky Monkey’ Lachie (3 years)

 Our ‘Lil’ Monster’ Hamish (14 weeks)

Until next time…


  1. Make sure you go over your prelim contract a few times before sigining off, ensure everything you want is in and check they have charged you accordingly especially if it is something that should be credited back to you. We found a few mistakes and changed our minds on other things. Best to make alterations at this stage as once it goes to final there are admin fees of $500 everytime you want something amended.
    As for colours we picked things we liked: both from samples at Studio M and from display homes. I had taken loads of photos and took the lap top with them on to show exactly what we wanted which was really helpful. Also our consultant on the day was very good at making suggestions and showing us photos from displays etc. Once you have your laminates, bench tops and so on your samples get laid out together so it gives you a good idea of whether your scheme is going to work or not. For paint colours we just went off white and will add feature colour and wallpaper once we move in

  2. Good luck guys. When you're at Studio M, they have files on all the colours and materials used at their display homes. Comes in very handy if you found a colour scheme you liked in one of their displays. The ladies there are very helpful. We were there from 9:00am - 5:00pm!!

    As previously commented, check your contracts very carefully. They should be able to email a copy before your appointment so ask for it. They do make mistakes but they will fix them too. Also, if you have any Report & Consent requirements, it's much quicker if you get this done yourself, rather than the builder. Apparently you'll get a faster response from council when the owner makes the application!

    Good luck with everything. We're almost at lockup and so far really pleased with the quality. Great supervisor which helps.

    I would also recommend an independent frame inspection to make sure that everything has been done as per the engineering drawings. M engineers make the effort to do detailed engineering of their houses and sometimes the tradies take a few shortcuts - or maybe they know better! We did, and there were a few items that were not done correctly. Our Supervisor made sure they were rectified for us which was great. I can recommend Alex from Urban Property Inspections. T&T also used him.

  3. Good luck C&K with the knockdown and start of the build.
    The best way to choose your scheme is to view it somewhere in a display home and them do some research into what they used...worked for us when you can SEE it first.
    Cheers, Ernie


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