Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some design ideas...Am I obsessed???

Nothing much is happening on the new home front. Still waiting to hear back from Metricon regarding the soil tests so in the meantime I have started what I imagine will be a long obsession with design and potential furnishings for our dream home!

Here are some of the things that I like...

Plume Pendant Light Clear
Tate Desk 140x80cm White/ChromeMode 3 Door Buffet WhiteMilan Armchair Legano Grey
Tablet Ottoman Casa Onyx
So many lovely things, needs a splash of colour though wouldn't you say?


  1. I have that exact same lamp in black it looks great especially with the black barcelona chair and sofa it sits next to. As for colour we currently have grey carpets black furniture offset with white and grey cushions, white walls and dark grey blinds and it looks super contemporary without being too stark. You could always funk it up with red cushions and art work.
    Enjoy being obsessed and dreaming about what you'd like that's half the fun!

  2. All beautiful stuff - really like your taste. Minimalist and modern! Have you also had a look at floor coverings, kitchen fitouts, bathroom fittings etc.? You'll probably need to decide on those things long before furniture!

  3. Welcome to my world! hahaha :) no need to feel ashamed about it..I still obsess about everything...its so much fun! LOL

  4. Fascinating design ideas and photos you've provided on your post. Designing a home seems require a great sense of fashion. Great post, thank you.


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