Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brick choices??

We had a look at Austral yesterday to start narrowing down the brick and tile choices.

This one we like the look of and it will go nicely with the greys, mushrooms and charcoals that we are thinking about...

It is called Austral Latrobe.

We will probably have a nice charcoal roof tile and either monument or woodland grey fascia/gutters and garage door.

Not set in stone but at least it is nice to know that there is something we like and it wont be too much of an upgrade.


  1. Nice brick choice guys! Fascia and gutters would look nice in woodland grey..also have you thought about dune colorbond? I think that would also look nice against those bricks. Thats the colour we have on our house..

  2. Good brick choice guys, wish you well with your build and making a start, we are about 4 weeks into it at present, we have a slab....frame after Easter..Cheers Ernie & Sandy


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