Thursday, March 10, 2011

Studio M tour booked

Things are moving along nicely. We took a trip to Mernda to have a look at the facade and I must say it was lovely. We also have some good ideas about colours which is also good. At this stage we are thinking of getting the render of the front facade done post handover. It looks as though it might save us quite a lot of money, we will have to discuss with a renderer before deciding though.

I have worked out the kitchen design finally and it is just a matter of getting that priced up. Serious as though you spend so much of life using the kitchen it is really important to get it right!!! I'm considering overhead cupboards that lift up over the stove with a cabinetry shelf between them and the bulkhead. I am concerned about being short and not being able to close the doors once they're up.

We have an appointment at Studio M in a few Sunday's to have a tour and get an idea of the basic categories/standard inclusions. It's a start.

More soon...

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  1. Hi guys,

    Its nice to stumble across another Metricon build :) We are building a Laguna 36 knock down rebuild in Sydney (almost complete) :)

    I would definitely recommend looking into rendering after hanover. We are having our front portico projection done after handover for much less than M would have charged!

    Looking forward to following your build - and good luck!


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