Thursday, March 24, 2011

Decisions Decisions...

Well the tour of Studio M turned out to me better than expected with Mark our sales guy taking us on a private tour to look at standard options and some of the upgrades that we have decided upon... We then spent another 45 minutes going through all of the changes. All this and we havent even paid a deposit yet!

Another appointment with him is on the agenda (this time without Lachie who got bored of looking at stuff fairly quickly, Hamish slept the whole time which was good).

Here are some of the options we are considering at the moment
  • Increased ceilng and door heights both upstairs and downstairs to 2550mm maybe 2700mm downstairs
  • Increased eaves to 750mm to increase building efficiency
  • Brick infills, flish mortar joints
  • Garage extension and provision of single width roller door for backyard access
  • Double glazed windows again to improve efficiency, although as of 2011, Metricon have further increased the amount of double glazing included as standard as all new homes at 6 star energy rated (they cost a little more because of this too!)
  • Bipart timber door to Outdoor Room
  • Upgrade to Grand Outdoor Room
  • Upgrade to pivot Front Door much like this one
  • Ensuite upgrade to look similar to the display at Lyndhurst
  • Although we are still hoping to be able to include a walk-in-shower for added luxury (read: less cleaning for me :) ) But apparently this is not requested all that often and we arent sure if we will be able to do this at all without deleting the bath, which is not an option!!!
I will leave the list for now. I really should be in bed at this hour especially since I will be up to tend to the newborn in a few hours time...


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  1. We are about 4 weeks away from moving into our Nelson 43.....good fun but you have to keep on Metricon's toes! Good luck!


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