Monday, February 28, 2011

Time is marching on and not much progress :(

It has been a bit hard to concentrate on getting plans in order for the new place with a newborn and sleep deprivation kicking in...

We did take both boys over to the relatively new display village at William's Landing in the west for a look at a Riva double story in Nuvo facade. Apparently the facade of the Riva design is in principle identical to the Nelson and as there are no Nelson Nuvo facades in any display villages this was our best bet to see what it looks like in real life rather than the artists impressions in all the Metricon publications.

This was a worthwhile trip but it wasn't until we got there that we realised that there are 2 Riva Nuvo display homes in Melbourne and this one was not the one that the Sales Consultant had given us the displayed upgrade information for, that one... is in Mernda, where ever that is? The Riva at Williams Landing was quite ordinary in terms of colours and style and made it still hard to envisage what our home will look like. Another trip, this time to Mernda is on the cards this weekend I suppose. Lachie is getting sick of traipsing around these homes, Hamish on the other hard, slept in the baby carrier the whole time so it obviously doesn't bother him.

Tomorrow night we have booked into a Metricon home builders seminar at Lyndhurst so hopefully that might provide us with some more information on building with Metricon for the first time. So many questions to ask that we have started a little list.

We also have a list on the go that includes all the options we are considering including so that we can get a price on keeps getting bigger by the day as we think of or see features to include!

More later...

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