Monday, October 15, 2012

Hardscaping has commenced

Its been a little while since our last post and its safe to say the exterior has been the focus.

All the hardscape works has commenced with all in varying stages.

Well the landscapers arrived driving an excavator and with jackhammer in hand. It doesn't take long for them to get into it, moving a huge amount of dirt so the concrete footings could be poured.

View of the Bob Cat in our front yard digging the footings from our balcony.
The first stage is the building of two retaining walls with appropriate drainage. One of the walls will be rendered brick running along the side of the driveway then across the front of our house continuing down one side to where our side gate will be. On the other side of the gate will be a sleeper retaining wall. They have just about finished, so more informative photo's to follow this weekend.

Stage 2 is the concreting which is progressing very well. The first pour being the pathway from the rear door to our garage down to the rear of our house to the deck area, also down the other side of our house. The driveway will be cut, filled with crushed rock etc etc and poured this weekend (weather dependent). These guys know their stuff and have been very helpful through the process. Photo's to follow shortly.

Stage 3 is the decking at the front entry and a huge rear deck area as shown below. These decks are being build by a mate of mine and will be finished off in lovely Spotted Gum. The photo doesn't do it justice but the rear area is massive and will look awesome when finished.

The rear deck area is extending to the fence line to give it the 'larger' feel.

During the process we have discovered (& discovered is an appropriate expression here) a number of very questionable to illegal plumbing pipes and joins. Just glad our landscapers and concretor made us aware of the problems. More on that in another blog.
Lots of machines, lots of noise and lots of dirt.... It always gets messy before it can be clean and tidy - so they say.

Hopefully all finshed within this month.



  1. It will be so nice to have mud free areas outside to enjoy the rest of Spring! Look forward to seeing more pics next week. Bet the boys are loving the machinery too!



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